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British education is classified as one of the best academic systems in the world. Thanks to the quality of the British universities, which have the highest ranks.

Also, this is due to the fact that British education provides the competencies for a purposeful educational environment.

Therefore, it is the dream of every international student to come to Britain. Considering the importance of the subject, we will explain in this article how to obtain scholarships in the UK.

Entity responsible for scholarships in the UK

Saudi students are required to obtain the scholarship through the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques program.

As an illustration, most students are sent to the UK through this program, or students can study in the UK at their own expense.

You can apply for this program through the official website here.

For international students, you can apply to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). It is the responsible entity for receiving international students wishing to apply for scholarships in the UK.

Find out how to enroll in British universities.

University Acceptance to scholarship students in the UK

Students must secure university acceptance from a British university according to the program they want to study.

As a matter of fact, one of the prerequisites for university acceptance in the UK is acquiring an excellent IELTS score.

Basically, to ensure the student’s language abilities, the UK offers international students who do not have the required language level a preparatory year to begin their studies at the university they wish to join.

Learn more on tips to succeed your IELTS.

Study visa in the UK

To obtain a UK study visa, you will need a valid passport when applying for a visa. In addition, you will need a document proving that you can afford to spend while studying and living in the UK.

You may also need more information about your study visa, so check out how to obtain a UK study visa.

When you fill out your visa application, do not forget to follow the following steps:

  • Fill in the application in English only.
  • Pay the application fee electronically.
  • Print out the application after making sure it is well-filled with the needed data.
  • Book an appointment at the UK Visa Application Center located in your country.

Financial Guarantee for Scholarships in the UK

The student must demonstrate his financial ability and ensure he can afford the cost of study and living in the UK. This may include university, textbooks, accommodation, living as well as insurance fees. It’s indeed one of the conditions to obtain a scholarship in the UK.

Meanwhile, the entity responsible for issuing this guarantee may vary depending on whether the scholarship applicant intends to complete his/her study through the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques program, or at his own expense. In the latter case, he must follow these steps:

  • The student must go to the bank where he/she has a personal account and request a special letter addressed to the British University.

The letter must include information about the student’s name, passport number, account number and the amount available in his / her account.

  • The student must distinguish between the so-called account statement and the letter of financial security.
  • The student may need two original copies, one to address to the university and the other one to the embassy for the purpose of obtaining a study visa.
  • A copy of the national identity card for the male students and a copy of the national identity card or the family register for the female students.
  • Valid passport copy.
  • A copy of the graduation certificate that precedes the course/degree the student wishes to proceed in his study.
  • language acceptance letter.
  • A copy of the acceptance letter from a university recommended in its degree as well as specialization.
  • A copy of the study visa. Tourist visas are not accepted.

At last, it’s well-known that study in the UK are financially expensive, so we suggest you look for available scholarships in the UK and how to obtain them.

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