Studying Aircraft Engineering in America

Aircraft Engineering in America

Many colleges and universities offer the opportunity of studying Aircraft Engineering in America and offer maintenance certificates at associate and bachelor’s degrees. Students in aircraft engineering programs learn how to troubleshoot problems and fix them within aircraft systems. This is done during their preparation to work as technicians or mechanics …

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Health Insurance for International Students in USA

Student Health Insurance in USA

Is student health insurance in USA necessary? Unlike many countries around the world, the United States does not have a nationalized (state-owned) health care system. This means that individuals are either responsible for paying for their own treatment from their own pocket or having private health insurance to cover the …

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Student life in the United States of America

Student Life in USA

Student life in the United States is an incredibly unique experience, especially when compared to the experience you might have in a country like the UK or Canada. Student Culture in the United States American culture is vast and diverse. Moreover, it is influenced by all parts of the world …

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The top 5 Universities of Aerospace Engineering in America

Aerospace engineering is a fast-paced dynamic field focused on the design, maintenance and enhancement of all types of airborne vehicles. Certainly, these include aircraft, missiles as well as space shuttles. If you are interested in pursuing studies in aerospace engineering or aeronautics, we have compiled for you the 5 best …

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Private universities and schools in USA


Many of America’s top-rated universities are private universities in USA. Including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and Yale University. Conversely, student tuition fees primarily finance these universities; which are usually more expensive than those in public universities. The top 5 private universities and institutes in USA are: …

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Study Pharmacology in USA

Medicine Studies in USA

Previously, we have learned about studying medicine in USA. Additionally, we will discuss in this article Pharmacology studies in the USA. Duration of Pharmacology study in the USA The Ph.D. program in Pharmacology in USA (Pharm.D.), requires at least two years of pre-professional coursework (undergraduate). Followed by 4 academic years (or 3 …

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Distance learning in the United States of America

Distance learning in the United States

As a matter of fact, American universities are widely known for the quality of teaching and research. America is the first and largest destination for international students seeking education abroad. Given that, the education system in the United States is the most flexible in the world. Moreover, there are many …

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How international students can apply to UK universities

University application form

No matter which country you are from, UK welcomes students from all over the world. To apply to UK universities requires you to prepare well for the application requirements to ensure your acceptance. Most universities in UK have similar requirements. There are general requirements that you find in most applications such …

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