Study in Japan: The Complete Student Guide for 2024

Japan is one of the lead countries in the field of education. In fact, many universities in Japan have achieved high ranking worldwide. Consequently, there are many international students who have chosen to study in Japan. Here is our ultimate guide for international students who plan their study abroad trip to Japan.

How can I prepare for study in Japan?

The very first thing to do when looking into a country you plan to go study in, is to inquire about the education in this country. The quality and excellency (and the strictness!) of the Japanese education system is common knowledge. And you can read about the education at the tertiary level in Japan in our article on the subject. 

Therefore, whatever university, college or other higher education institution you choose to enroll in, you’ll be sure to get an internationally recognized degree. In other words, studying in Japan will open you numerous interesting career opportunities. And this is, wherever you choose to live after you graduate. 

To help you choose your HEI, you can already consult our ranking of the best universities in Japan for international students. 

The top 10 universities in Japan

Which degree is best in Japan?

Once you have made a list of the universities you’d eventually apply to, the next step is to find out if the subject you want to study in Japan is available at these institutions. In case you are not yet sure about what you want to learn, we have compiled here some of the best courses in Japan for foreigners. 

To learn more about it, read our list of the best majors to study in the top universities in Japan.

Moreover, if you plan to go to Japan to earn a postgraduate degree, here’s our overview of the best masters programs at the top universities in Japan

Finally, if your purpose in going to Japan is to study the language, we also have you covered. Here is our guide on how to learn Japanese in Japan

Second step: apply to study in Japan

Now you have selected your university and study program, the next step is the paperwork. As an international student, getting a visa is certainly among your main concerns. But before you even think about the visa, the first step is to get admitted in your university of choice. 

Our advice is to choose up to 3 institutions. You can then apply to each of them to increase your chance to get into at least one university. To guide you through the steps to take, you can use our article on how to apply to Japanese universities

If you comply with all the admission requirements, chances are good you’ll get an acceptance letter. This letter is essential to you for the next phase, which is the student visa application. Getting a visa for Japan as an international student is slightly different from any other country. We then advise you to carefully read our guide on the Japan study visa. This will spare you some inconvenience!

Our guide to Japan study support and scholarship

As an international student, you’re probably thinking about choosing such a highly developed country as your study destination. However, like most other international students, you’re probably questioning the odds of you getting a scholarship to study there. Not to mention how to get accommodation and pay for your studies. 

To help you sort everything up, we have another guide that deals with the study and living cost for international students in Japan. It discusses details about universities’ tuition fees in Japan as well as basic living expenses for students such as housing, food, transportation, etc.

Moreover, financial support when studying in a foreign country is always welcome! And it turns out, we also have listed the best scholarships you can apply to in Japan, in order to fund your studies. Make sure to check it out and apply if you are eligible. 

Furthermore, there is the second option of working part-time to support your study and living cost in Japan. International students in the country are allowed to study, but under some conditions. You can learn about it in our guide: “Work and study in Japan“. 


You have now your visa and your plane ticket to Japan! The last thing to do to get fully ready is to learn about the customs of the country. This will ensure you to experience firsthand the best Japan and Japanese people have to offer in terms of cultural richness. Also, this will add up to make your study trip in Japan an unforgettable experience. And this time again, we have your back with our article on the culture and tradition of Japan

Regardless of what your worries may be, our team has prepared a range of articles with all the information you need to study at one of the best countries in the world. To make sure you’ll get a memorable experience, all you need to do is carefully read the guides that we have linked within this article.

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