Study in Japan: The Complete Guide for 2020

Japan is one of the lead countries in the field of education. In fact, many universities in Japan have achieved high ranking worldwide. Consequently, there are many international students who have chosen to study in Japan.

As an international student, you’re probably thinking about choosing such a highly developed country as your study destination. However, like most other international students, you’re probably questioning the odds of you getting a scholarship or a visa to study there.

Additionally, you’re probably wondering how to apply to some of the best universities.

Not to mention how to get accommodation and pay for your studies.

Regardless of what your worries may be, our team here at Aljawaz has prepared a range of articles with all the information you need to study at one of the best countries in the world.

We’ll ensure that you have an unforgettable experience. All you need to do is carefully read the articles linked below.

  1. The Higher Education System in Japan
  2. Top 10 Universities in Japan
  3. How to Get Scholarships in Japan: Types and Requirements
  4. The Cost of Studying and Living in Japan
  5. Top 3 Specialties to Study in Japan 
  6. Study Masters in Japan: The Complete 2020 Guide
  7. Applying to Study in Japan 
  8. Learn Japanese in Japan
  9. Applying for Student Visa in Japan
  10. Work While Studying in Japan
  11. Adapting to Culture and Tradition in Japan

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    This was very helpful. I have already calculated the price for everything and it is affordable. Thank you for your help.~

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