Can I study Computer Science in Japan?

If going abroad to Japan to study computer science sounds like an interesting deal to you, it’s because it is! Japan has always stood out for its technological capabilities and innovation, being at the forefront of AI technologies, robotics, cameras, motorized vehicles and many more. 

And most of the best universities in the country offer a computer science related program, including courses in English. Let’s take a look at how to study computer science in Japan for international students, which degrees are available at what university and so on. 

Is Japan a good place for Computer Science?

The answer should be obvious but yes, absolutely!  Japan has top-notch universities that won’t ruin you financially. And being in possession of some of the best technologies in the world, Japan will give you access to cutting-edge facilities for your computer science studies (as for many other subjects actually!) So apart from the language barrier for courses in Japanese, there are several benefits you’ll get if you study computer science in Japan: 

Affordable education

Public universities in Japan charge between USD 7,000 and USD 10,000 per year of tuition fees. Private institutions on the other hand will charge you pricier fees, but it depends mostly on the school and subject you choose to study. 

Great support for international students

This gives you the opportunity to experience firsthand the legendary hospitality of Japanese people. Moreover, since the living cost in Japan is relatively high, international students can apply for scholarships to cover their living expenses. 

The public transportation system is flawless!

The majority of Japanese use public transport to commute every day. And for good reasons since public transport in Japan are not only effective and clean, the service is also the best. Delays if they ever happen are a not a matter of hours but minutes!

Other reasons to study computer abroad in Japan

  • Modern facilities since you’ll study in the most innovative country in the world. Universities, labs and research centers will give you access to the best technologies worldwide.
  • A degree in computer science in Japan opens the door to numerous job opportunities, not only in the country (under the condition that you are fluent in Japanese) but anywhere else in the world. To increase your chance to land a job in the country or even to get through your high education years in Japan, you should anyway learn the Japanese language. 
  • Japan is among the safest countries in the world. 
  • You can learn Japanese!

How many years is Computer Science in Japan?

The field of computer science consists of several fields, including AI, bioinformatics, computer systems and networks, database systems, human computer interaction, programming, software engineering, to name just a few. A BA or BS in computer science provides students with a broad education in the field’s main concepts. This includes algorithms, computer architecture, programming languages etc.   

A bachelor in computer science in Japan usually takes 4 years to complete. A master, on the other hand, allows students to explore advanced topics in the field. In Japan, like in many countries, a master in computer science takes approximately 2 years to complete. 

Study cost

Tuition fees at Japanese universities vary depending on whether it is a public national, public local and private university. But usually, the study cost at national public universities amounts to approximately 820,000 yen. Local public universities, on the other hand, charge up to 950,000 yen per year of tuition fees. At private universities in Japan, tuition fees vary between 1,000,000 and 3,200,000 yen per year depending on the study subject.

Best universities in Japan for computer science

Japanese universities set high expectations, which ensure students to get high-quality education. No surprise then that the best places where you can study computer science in Japan turn out to be at some of the top universities and institutes of technologies in the country. 

Here are the top universities in Japan that offer a computer science program, at undergraduate and graduate levels: 

  • University of Tokyo
  • Kyoto University
  • Osaka University
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Waseda University
  • Tohoku University
  • Keio University
  • Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • University of Aizu

Learn more about these institutions, their best programs as well as their official websites in our article on the top universities in Japan

Study computer science in Japan in English

Here are the best places in Japan where you can study in English to get a computer science degree: 

University of Aizu 

The faculty of computer science and engineering of the University of Aizu provides instruction in all the fields related to computer science and engineering that approach any fields via computers. With excellent computer engineers and researchers from Japan and abroad as teachers, students get all the opportunity they need to get in-depth education on the subject. 

But the best argument in favor of the University of Aizu’s computer science program is the fact that students can earn their degree through classes entirely in English. To apply to the university, students must then provide a proof of proficiency in the English language. This includes TOEFL or IELTS academic scores in most cases. 

Learn more about the computer science program at the university

Tokyo University masters in computer science

The University of Tokyo’s graduate school of Information Science and Technology has a department of computer science, offering master’s programs in the field. Students then get education and research on the matter of computer systems, programming languages, computer architecture, bioinformatics and theory of computation, to name a few. 

To get admission to the computer science program at the University of Tokyo, students need to undergo an oral and written entrance test. They also need to provide a proof of proficiency in English, namely their TOEFL scores. One of the advantages of the University of Tokyo is also that students are eligible for the MEXT scholarship.

For more details, consult the university’s website.

Learn more about the scholarships to study in Japan.

Kyoto University: undergraduate degree in computer science

The school of computer science of this high-profile university in Japan exists since 1970. The institution offers an undergraduate degree, targeting especially high school graduates starting in the area of computer technology. However, those looking to pursue a higher degree can apply to the master’s degree program in computer engineering.  

Students enrolled in the computer science program get education in a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including AI, theories of information, architectural principles and techniques for computer hardware and software, design of logic circuits, theory of computation, etc. Students’ training aims to major actors in the information society. 

Learn more about the program on the university’s website

Find out also about how to earn a master’s degree in Japan.

Osaka University

Another top university in Japan, Osaka University offers one of the best computer science programs at its School of Engineering Science. Through the Department of Information and Computer Sciences, students go through 4 years of training to get their undergraduate degree. 

The first year consists of basic courses in the field of computer science. In the following 3 years, the students choose to get fundamental training either in computer science, software science or mathematical science. After graduation, students can work in the computer, communication, electronic or software industries. 

Learn more about the program at Osaka University.

Bachelor of computer science in Japan at Tsuda University

Tsuda University offers computer science education since 1949. It started first at its Department of Mathematics before the introduction of a separate Department of Computer Science in 2006. The institution aims to offer students a solid theoretical basis in informatics and practical skills to successfully pursue a career in IT. The university has built its reputation in producing high level computer professionals throughout the years.

By studying computer science at this private university in Japan, students will receive theoretical foundation in the subject as well as in mathematics. Practical topics include application design, networking, object-oriented design, programming among others.

Learn more on the website of Tsuda University.

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