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The ultimate guide to study in Argentina

Learn Spanish in Argentina

Study Spanish in Argentina

Students who are willing to learn Spanish in Argentina will learn that the country’s explanation for their language is as unique as the country itself. The Argentinian Spanish is called Castellano, which refers to its roots in Castile in Spain. There are many main differences between the Castellano and the …

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Work in Argentina after Graduation

Work in Argentina after graduation

If you are willing to work in Argentina, you have to know that the most common jobs in Argentina are related to education and teaching, especially English as a second language (ESL) and teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). There is a huge demand on the original English speakers, …

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Types of Scholarships in Argentina

Scholarships in Argentina

There are a number of scholarships and funding opportunities for those who are willing to study in one of the Latin American countries. As for the types of scholarships in Argentina, there are some governmental scholarships offered by the universities and external institutions for students in different study levels. How …

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What are some customs and traditions in Argentina?


The customs, traditions, and culture in Argentina have high European influences. Most of the Argentinian people are Europeans in the first place, which makes them a bit different from the other Latin American countries, as the European and Indian cultures were more blended. Meanwhile, the Argentinians often look more Europeans …

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How to Get Student Accommodation in Argentina

Student Accommodation in Argentina

After learning how to enroll in a university in Argentina, it is time to discuss how to get a student accommodation in Argentina. The international students who study postgraduate studies in Argentina have three main choices when it comes to finding accommodation: University dormitoryPrivate accommodationStaying with a family During your …

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The Cost of Living and Studying in Argentina


Although Argentina is a huge country in South America, the cost of living and cost of studying in Argentina are considerably low compared to other countries. In this article, we will discuss some costs you may be interested to know as an international student after we presented previously the most …

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How do I apply for university studies in Argentina?

How to Apply for Universities in Argentina

After presenting the most important universities in Argentina, now we will talk about how to apply to a university in Argentina. There are no restrictions on foreign enrollment. The student can graduate with an academic degree (Licenciatura) after three or four years. The applications to the university courses might be …

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Study in Argentina for Free

Study in Argentina for Free

Public universities offer many benefits for the students who can’t afford the tuition fees, so that they can study in Argentina for free. With the continuation of the economic crisis, more students search for higher education opportunities, with minimal costs of education and accommodation. More than 90% of the students …

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How to Get a Student Visa for Argentina

How to get Argentinian student visa

Around 90,000 international students come to study in Argentina every year, more than any other country in Latin American besides Uruguay. Let’s start talking about how to get a student visa for Argentina, after we previously presented the most important universities in Argentina. As a registered international student, check with …

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