How to apply to Korean universities: requirements and process

Applicants who wish to study and apply to universities in South Korea need to pay special attention to the documentation before submitting their application.

Dear students, sometimes when preparing to study abroad, you may miss one step, or you may implement one step before another. Such as applying for the study before preparing the documents necessary to apply, sometimes. Indeed, this may cause you time lost.

Hence, you need to verify the order of steps when thinking about studying abroad to help you arrange your thoughts. For this reason, we have prepared for you a step-by-step process to apply to universities in South Korea:

How to apply to universities in South Korea

1) Choose the Korean university which you wish to study in.

Find out about the top 10 universities in South Korea.

2) Take notes of the conditions and requirements for admission to university in South Korea.

3) Sending an application for enrollment and the required documents to the Korean University.

4) Receiving the acceptance letter from the Korean University.

5) Preparing the documents and papers required to apply for the student visa in South Korea.

6) Submitting the application as well as the documents prepared to obtain the study visa in Korea

7) Lastly, receive your study visa.

Moreover, you may be interested in knowing how to obtain a study visa in South Korea.

Requirements for admission and enrollment in South Korean universities

  • Application for Korean university.
  • Personal letter.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • The last academic certificates obtained.
  • A copy of the passport or proof of identity.
  • Certificate of proof of proficiency in the Korean language or the English language.
  • Files, photocopies, etc. (relevant to the field of art study and the like)
  • Besides, documents showing the bank balance: evidence of the student’s bank balance or financial guarantor (held for at least one month), local transfers, or currency certificates. These include the average costs of studying and living during the student’s stay in South Korea.

For more details, read the topic of studying and living costs in South Korea.


Korean or English proficiency test: As a matter of fact, the Korean government requires foreign students from outside South Korea to demonstrate proof of their proficiency in one of the two languages. Therefore, there is the TOPIK test (Test of Proficiency in Korean), which is for those who want to apply to study in the Korean language from international students.

Moreover, application dates, requirements, as well as conditions, vary from one Korean university to another. Hence, it is advisable to refer to the official page of the targeted Korean University for more details.

Besides, information about Korean universities and available majors can be found on the Korean government website related to study matters. Depending on the academic documents and certificates required. It may also be requested to translate these certificates or to implement the Apostille system.

How can an international student get into university in Korea: the Apostille system

It is a system set in Korea which allows the use of foreign student certificates outside of South Korea without confirmation by the Korean embassy. More than a hundred countries worldwide are applying through the Apostille system.

Moreover, you can inquire about the application of this system at the Korean consulate or embassy existing in your country.

Types of application for undergraduate study in South Korea

There are two types of application for undergraduate study in South Korea:

1) Regular application: after completing the high school level (the baccalaureate).

2) Transfer application: It is a transfer from one university to another. Basically, it requires a certain number of approved study hours to complete the transfer procedures, which are determined by the transferee university.

Application period for admission & registration at South Korean universities

  • For the first semester (fall semester): Applications are open during the period between September and November.
  • For the second semester (spring semester): Applications are open during the period from May to June.

Application methods for admission & registration at South Korean universities

As a matter of fact, most universities in South Korea allows for online application through their official website. Basically, submission is mostly through fulfilling the application form and the documents required to apply.

However, some South Korean universities require setting a date for a personal interview or setting a date for specific tests according to the major to be studied.

Once you receive your acceptance letter, the next step is to confirm your enrollment at the university of your choice. Following that is to apply for a student visa along with a medical insurance. 

After that, you may want to look for scholarships and grants to fund your study and living cost in South Korea. At last, you can refer to the article of the top 10 Korean universities.

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