Is it possible to study in UK for free?

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of studying in UK, other than its high quality- is the high cost of its tuition fees. In addition to the cost of living and travel when it comes to international students.

However, the dream of studying in UK for free has become possible through fully-funded scholarships, which can cover living expenses, medical expenses, travel costs as well as full tuition fees.

Full-funded scholarships to study in UK for free

Indeed, scholarships in UK may not include most of the costs a student needs to study in the UK. As a matter of fact, some scholarships may cover tuition fees only, while others may cover living expenses.

Meanwhile, what many students do not know that there are fully-funded scholarships, which provide most of what students need to pursue their studies in the UK for free.

Here are some scholarships which cover the costs of studying and living in UK that we have selected for you. Sometimes they even include travel, health insurance, and book-buying costs.

British Chevening Scholarship

Applying for the British Chevening Scholarship is the first choice for international students, particularly those seeking scholarships for a master’s degree in the UK.

The program usually covers the costs of acquiring a one-year master’s degree. This includes tuition fees in the UK, cost of living, economy class return ticket to the UK, additional grants to cover basic expenses.

Application link to benefit from the British Chevening Scholarship Program

Clarendon Scholarships at Oxford University

The Clarendon Scholarship Fund at Oxford University offers generous and full-cost scholarships to qualified graduates.

Basically, Clarendon scholarships are based on the criteria of academic excellence and the high leadership potential that allows for excellence at Oxford university.

The scholarships cover the full tuition, living and transportation expenses.

You can apply here to Clarendon Scholarship Program at Oxford University

Full Westminster International Scholarships

Westminster Scholarships are among the most competitive ones in the UK. This is due to the fact that they are open to international students from developing and middle-income countries.

As an illustration, it gives them full-time study in the UK by covering all tuition, accommodation and living expenses. This is in addition to the expenses of all economy class flights from & to Westminster University.

Application link to benefit from the full Westminster International Scholarship Program

Denys Holland Scholarship

It is a scholarship to the London University College. It seeks to support university students, including international students.

The financial need is the first criteria for benefiting from the scholarship, followed by higher academic grades as well as leadership potential.

This bursary covers £ 9,000 per year.

Furthermore, this scholarship can fulfill the dream of many students to study free of charge in the UK, since students choose to use all or part of the scholarship to cover the due fees.

Know more about Denys Holland scholarship program

Rhodes Scholarship

Rhodes scholarship at Oxford University is one of the oldest scholarships in the world. It is a postgraduate scholarship program. Undoubtedly, more than 89 students are selected each year, including international students.

Basically, academic excellence is a good standard which guarantees free study in the UK through this scholarship. Also, the postgraduate study should be related to either Business Management or Financial Economics.

Find here more information about Rhodes scholarship program

Warwick Chancellor International Scholarship

Warwick Chancellor International Scholarship is a PhD scholarship in the UK. It seeks to offer approximately 25 international scholarships annually. Moreover, this scholarship allows students to study in the UK for free by covering full tuition fees, living expenses as well as transportation.

Application Link to benefit from Warwick Chancellor International Scholarship Program is here.

At last, if you would like to study in UK at low or no cost, you should read our article about the cheapest universities for international students in UK.

As a matter of fact, this would reduce the fees that the student should pay by. Hence, this ensures him/her to focus on good achievement, rather than seeking alternative means of fulfilling the tuition fees.

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