Your comprehensive guide to study in France for 2020.

Did you decide to study in France? AlJawaz team has compiled for you this ultimate guide to study in France. Hence, we suggest that you read all the articles we provided in this subject. This will indeed make you fully prepared to go through the study experience there.

Why Study in France?

As a matter of fact, France is not only the top tourist destination in the world. It’s also topped for Canadian students studying abroad. Fourteen percent of outbound students choose to study there.

Basically, France has more than 3,500 institutes of higher education, which includes both public and private institutions. 

These specialized professional schools have more competitive entrance requirements and higher tuition fees, offering degrees in engineering, business, political science, and veterinary medicine.

On the other hand, at public universities, the French government mostly pays the tuition fees, even for foreign students. However, you’ll still have to cover the cost of visas, airplanes, books and living expenses, and maybe a French language test.

While some universities in France offer courses in English, foreign students studying in French may need a document proving their grasp of the language. 

You decided you want to come to France to study, now you need to start preparing. If you are a non-EU national you need to plan well in advance to ensure that you get your visa before you leave your country. 

For more information on how to enroll at French university, how to get a student visa, what university to choose,…, and much more on our guide to Study in France.

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