Our list of the best university courses in the UK

Britain has a good reputation in terms of higher education and has a long history in this field. Almost a quarter of British universities are internationally ranked among the most remarkable universities in the world that offer a wide range of interesting subjects and programs. They offer some of the best university courses not only in the UK but also in the world.

Moreover, Britain every year receives nearly half a million international students. By choosing to study in the UK, you will not only benefit from the highest quality education, but you will also be able to learn about British culture and improve your English.

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Accordingly, in the following article, we will identify the most prominent university courses at each of the 3 degree levels:

Bachelor’s degree programs in UK

UK universities offer a variety of Bachelor’s degrees, such as Bachelor of Arts, Science, Engineering as well as Law. The most popular university courses in these areas in the UK are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Arts: Different programs are proposed like history of art, social and health care, accounting, and finance, history, economic management, marketing…
  • Bachelor’s degree in Science: The subjects available in all British universities, especially in the field of sciences, vary in order to fit all needs. Additionally, major specialties for the bachelor’s degree in this field are psychology, international marketing, media sciences, mathematics, physics, geography…
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering: Engineering is one of the most specialties that appeal to many students during the completion of secondary school. Likewise, the available specialties for bachelor’s degree vary in this area. Most of the universities offer electronic engineering, chemical, biological, civil engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and other specialties.

Master degree courses in UK

The subjects of the master’s degree in British universities are diverse, the most remarkable of which are:

  • Master’s degree in Sciences: Universities in UK offer many specialties in this field. Examples of which are computer sciences, international economics, marketing, environmental management, health policy, economics, engineering, law…
  • Master’s degree in Arts: The master’s degree in Arts is one of the most famous and well-known masters among students. Basically, the specialties in this field differ from the 3D designing, politics, immigration, management, design and culture, media and journalism, sociology…

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PhD degree in UK

Universities in the UK offer several PhD programs to those who have a master’s degree and who wish to complete their study path. Additionally, these programs vary in terms of specialties and research which the student will conduct.

Evidently, the most important are the PhD in Philosophy, Business Management, Health Sciences, and Marketing…

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What are the best university courses in the UK?

Find below the 10 most popular study programs in the UK according to the “Complete University Guide”:

  1. Natural Therapy.
  2. Law.
  3. Designing.
  4. Psychology.
  5. Mathematical Sciences.
  6. Paramedical Sciences.
  7. Computer Sciences.
  8. Psychology in sports.
  9. Medicine and Surgery.
  10. Marine Biology.

As you can see, studying at a university in the UK gives its graduates access to the most important professions in Britain and all over the world.

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The most popular specialties in UK

Given that, here is a list of the most important specializations in the UK if you choose one of these university courses:

  • Arts and Design:
    • This specialty opens the way for students to work in the most prestigious institutions. In fact, the most prominent university that allows this study is the Royal College of Arts.
  • English Literature:
    • English language and whichever is related. In reality, it opens for the student many prospects. In short, in order to study this specialization we recommend the University of Oxford.
  • Media, Communication, and Marketing:
  • Psychology:
    • This specialty is one of the most important one which allows students to access the labor market easily. In order to continue studying in the specialty of psychology recommend the University of Cambridge.
  • Chemistry and Natural Sciences:
    • Cambridge University offers a diverse program of chemistry and natural sciences.
  • Social sciences:
    • There is no better than Oxford University to access this specialty.
  • Law:
    • The best Law Courses are given by Oxford University.
  • Physics, Life Sciences, and Healthcare: Cambridge University.
  • Accounting, Economics and Finance: Oxford University.
  • Computer Sciences: Cambridge University.
  • Mathematics, Statistics: Oxford University.
  • Planning and Management: London School of Economics.
  • Engineering: Cambridge University.
  • Economics: London School of Economics and Political Science.

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