Study in Portugal

Can Students Work Part-Time in Portugal?

work in Portugal as a student

Studying abroad is an exciting venture, and Portugal has become an increasingly popular destination for international students. With its rich culture and beautiful landscapes, Portugal offers a captivating backdrop for international students. However, managing finances can be challenging. Fortunately, there’s a great solution that not only helps you sustain yourself …

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What Are the Best University Cities in Portugal?

Aveiro, Portuguese university city

Portugal is increasing in popularity among international students. This country located in southwestern Europe has a long academic, cultural and historic tradition, with universities which roots date back to as early as the 13th century. Add to that the fact that Portugal has a cheaper study and living costs compared …

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Get student accommodation in Portugal

Student accommodation & housing in Portugal

One of the requirements for a student visa in Portugal, once you have secured your university admission, is to arrange for accommodation. And it can be challenging to find a home away from home, especially if you don’t have access to crucial information to help you proceed. Knowing that your …

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Can I get scholarships in Portugal?

Portugal scholarships for international students

Portugal has increased over the last decades to become one of the most popular study destinations for international students. Universities in the country provide a quality education that stands comparison with other institutions in the Western world. And despite the fact that the living cost in Portugal is lower than …

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How to get a student visa in Portugal?

Portugal student visa

Once you have done your application into a polytechnic or a university in Portugal, the next step after you get accepted is to get a student visa. Like any related paperwork when you’re getting ready to study abroad, you should dive in it as soon as possible. When it comes …

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How can I get admission in a Portugal university?

Portugal university admission

Portugal is located in the southernmost part of Western Europe. It’s a country that has more than 800 years of history behind it. But Portugal is also a touristic place, a cultural epicenter and a study destination that is gaining popularity among international students upon the last few years. What …

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