How to get student accommodation in France

We had discussed in our previous article the types of scholarships in France and how to apply for them. Now, it is time to know how to secure accommodation and to facilitate the search process for the student.

Indeed, it is better to determine what he/she desires according to his requirements, budget, and length of stay, in addition to taking the following points into consideration:

  • Taking the initiative to search and book the place of residence before traveling.
  • Contacting the admission authority regarding university accommodation, in case you prefer it over other accommodation options.
  • Get a general idea of ​​accommodation and living prices in the country. Indeed, this makes it easy to choose the type of accommodation according to your budget.
  • Sharing accommodation with other students is not preferred in the first year of school, unless you are already familiar with them.
  • When obtaining your accommodation, it’s advised that you read the contract carefully.
  • Setting the monthly budget and including the rent of the housing with all the associated bills according to its type and the terms of agreement with the owner such as electricity, water and internet bills.
  • In case of any problems, the student should go to the international student office located in all universities, and obtain the necessary support and assistance.

Learn also the cost of Studying and Living in France.

It should be noted that France provides accommodation subsidies for foreign students just like French students. Basically, they are in the form of scholarships depending on the type of student’s accommodation.

Moreover, these benefits are divided into social as well as personal benefits, and their value varies according to the amount of rent the student pays compared to his financial situation. Here is some important information on accommodation types:

Residences and university campus in France

Some are on-campus buildings, some are outside. However, they fall under one administration which is the Krause administration or the regional center for university and social work.

Obviously, in these types of campuses or residences, there are rooms equipped with all student needs for furniture and appliances.

Basically, the room rates for these residences range from 250 to 350 euros a month. However, due to its limited numbers, it is not enough for all international students. Hence, the student will find it very difficult to get a room in one of them.

Private student accommodation in France

They are private non-governmental residences for international students, and local students from other cities. Furthermore, it is located in all French cities, and the monthly rent ranges between 400 and 700 euros per month. The reason for the difference is the region and the luxury requirements that the student might have within the rented room.

Residence or private apartment in France

One of its most important conditions is to provide financialguarantees stating the continuity and commitment to pay the rent to the owner, includingthe associated bills from electricity, water and the Internet. In addition, thestudent’s monthly income must be equal to the value of the rent for threemonths.

As it can be seen, this type of accommodation arrangement is very expensive in the major cities of France, especially the capital, Paris. Basically, it ranges between 600 and 1,000 euros per month.

In the event that the student is one of the beneficiaries of one of the scholarships in France, governmental or private, the granting authority will be responsible for paying the specified warranty value. Basically, this value is sufficient to cover the value of one month’s rent with all the bills, even if the accommodation arrangements are not within the scholarship.

Homestay student accommodation in France

This type of accommodation arrangement is suitable for short stays, except when there is understanding and harmony between the two sides, the student and the owner.

Basically, it is to rent a room with full furniture from the owner of the house or the resident. Moreover, the prices for such rooms range between 200 and 300 euros per month, which usually includes breakfast and dinner.

The cost of this type of accommodation is lower in the smallercities and the French countryside.

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