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Are you thinking of studying in France?

Study in France

Many international students may consider continuing their study in France or to have a training or an internship there. However, they will have many questions about this. In this article as well in other articles of this series, we will answer all these questions, from submitting an application for a …

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Study Medicine in France- The Ultimate Guide 2021

Medicine Study in France

Indeed, medicine study in France is an important opportunity for all students of this specialty. Obviously, France represents a real destination for more than 18,000 students annually and from different nationalities. Moreover, the study of medicine in the French universities is characterized by practical application as well as theoretical study. …

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Top 10 universities to study in France

As we promised you in our previous article “do you think about studying in France” where we gave all the necessary information for those wishing to complete their university studies in France. In our topic today, will introduce you to the top 10 French universities. As a matter of fact, …

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How to obtain a student visa in France

study visa in France

In continuation of our previous article on how to apply for admission and registration at a French university, we are speaking today about how to obtain a student visa in France. Types of French Student Visa French visas are divided into several types. Whatever the type you are applying for, …

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Scholarships in France and how to apply for them

Scholarships in France

After we explained how to obtain a study visa in France, we decided in our new article to clarify the types of scholarships that France international students can obtain. It is worth noting that the number of international students in French universities exceeds a quarter of a million students annually. …

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How to get student accommodation in France

Student Accomodation in France

We had discussed in our previous article the types of scholarships in France and how to apply for them. Now, it is time to know how to secure accommodation and to facilitate the search process for the student. Indeed, it is better to determine what he/she desires according to his …

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Studying and living costs in France

Studying and living cost in France

Studying and living costs is usually the number one reason why students don’t study abroad, but there are a ton of misconceptions about the real cost and how to realistically pay for your study in France. You need to know first that French universities are one of the cheapest universities …

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Learn about the customs of French society

French customs

After we clarified “the costs of studying and living in France”, and to complete our series of articles about studying in French, we put in your hands the customs and traditions of French society article to help you adapt to the society and to make the most of benefit from …

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