Study in Canada: 2024 Ultimate Guide for international students

Canada is one of the top ten countries to live in the world and a place where majority of international students go to study, earn a degree and remain in after they complete their studies. Canada also has an education system that is among the best worldwide. And lastly, the country is viewed as a less expensive alternative compared to the US or other international student destination. You can certainly earn prestigious degrees in Canada, at a most affordable cost than what they apply in the US.  

If you think Canada might be the right place for you, here is our comprehensive guide to help you prepare your study life in Canada.

Learn what are the requirements to study in Canada for international students

The first thing to do when looking into study destination abroad is to understand the different requirements to study in this country. This will inform you of each step for your application and any paperwork you need to take care of. In Canada, in order to stay for study purpose, you need not only a university acceptance letter but also a study permit.

Moreover, an essential requirement to live in Canada to study is also your proficiency in the French or English language. Some universities will require you take some language tests with some minimum scores. And lastly, you will be required to provide the proof you can finance your living and study cost in Canada.

You can learn about all of these requirements to study in Canada in our article on the subject. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for ways to finance your studies in Canada, there are scholarship options available to international students. Most Canadian universities have their own scholarship programs you can apply for. Our tip: make sure to apply as early as possible! 

Read our guide on the different scholarships available in Canada and how to qualify to get them. 

Choose a university and a program to study

Canada is home to more than twenty of the top 500 universities in the world, with five of them in the top 100. The country offers some of the world’s best study programs. It also hosts some of the lead research facilities and academic institutions. With extremely high standards in education, you won’t have much difficulty finding a university to study in.

We have made a list of the institutions which we think are the 10 best universities in Canada. Make sure to check each one and choose which one offers the type of course you want to study.

Moreover, the question of cost might be a stumbling block for some international students. Along with the scholarship option, we also have made a list of some of the most affordable universities in Canada. You can find there some tips to lower your study cost in Canada.

And if the cost remains an obstacle for you, we also prepared a guide on distance learning in Canada. This will help you enjoy the high-quality Canadian education while remaining in your home country.

Read also about the cheapest cities in Canada for international students.

Which course is best for Canada?

Universities and colleges, technical schools, as well as applied arts and science institutions in Canada offer plenty of study options to consider. For those who want to study medicine-related subjects in Canada, we have comprehensive guides from university requirements to the best universities you can check out.

For those who plan to enroll in the field of medicine, we have a complete guide on medical studies in Canada.

Moreover, if you plan to study dentistry, you can also check how the school system in Canada works. You will find also in which universities you can benefit from the best dentistry programs in Canada.

Lastly, for those who plan to become a pharmacist in Canada, check our guide on pharmacy study in Canada.

Engineering studies in Canada

Engineering is among the most sought-after field by international students in Canada. And most of the high-profile universities in the country has a department offering engineering programs.

To give you an idea, there are more than 900 engineering programs you can choose from. Civil engineering is one of the most popular among international students. But Canadian universities also offer many opportunities to study aerospace engineering.

Find out here the best universities in Canada to study engineering.

How to apply to study in Canada

In comparison to the US application program, Canadian students are assessed primarily based on their high-school grades and an application essay. Whether you are looking to apply to an undergraduate program or a master’s or PhD’s program, we provide you with the essential details.

Moreover, you can learn here the requirements of Canadian university application.

Student visa in Canada

To be able to study in Canada, you need a study permit, which is the student visa in Canada. One thing to remember about this permit is that it can take up to 4 months to process. This is the case mostly during busy months, like at a date closer to the beginning of Canada’s academic year.

So, make sure to start the application process very early to not miss the beginning of the school year. If things go well, you will receive your student permit on time before your departure to Canada. Otherwise, you may experience a visa refusal.

Learn here the common reasons why your student visa for Canada was refused. Learn also how to re-apply.

Moreover, anyone with a valid permit of study who is a full-time student can work on campus at the school. However, anyone who wants to work off-campus will need to obtain a work permit, which can be applied for through the Citizenship and Immigration service in Canada. You can learn about that in our guide on how to work and study in Canada

One of the reasons to choose Canada for study: the student life

Many universities in Canada offer students a close-knit community that gives an impression of a small university town in a big Canadian city. You will find yourself at home easily once you set foot in the country. But to help you adjust to your new reality as an international student in Canada, we have prepared a guide on the student life in Canada.  

There you will find helpful tips on how to manage your budget, how to get along with local and other foreign students, and how to get the right student accommodation in Canada. We even have a guide on the habits and customs of the Canadian society, to ease up your integration.

And finally, to manage your life on and off campus, read our 10 tips for international students in Canada.

After graduation

Canada’s federal government offer international graduates the opportunity to stay and work in the country. This is certainly one of the main reasons why Canada is so popular among students from over the world.

And the government is also supportive of the newly graduates, since they are young, know the culture, and have Canadian qualifications. In other words, they have everything they need to begin their careers in Canada.

Moreover, recent changes in immigration policy have open new doors for international students to become permanent residents in the country. There are even provincial programs aiming at international students to remain in Canada after their studies.

You can get all the details on the subject in our article “How to work in Canada after graduation“.

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