Study in Canada

Study and work in Canada

study and work in Canada

Many international students are looking for an opportunity to work and study at the same time in Canada. The main reason is that it provides for them a way to gain work experience before entering the Canadian job market. But it’s also an excellent way to immerse in the country’s …

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The 10 best countries to study abroad in 2023-2024

top 10 best countries to study abroad

Are you an international student looking to pursue your higher education in a foreign country? If so, you’re embarking on an exciting journey that will not only expand your academic horizons but also expose you to new cultures, perspectives, and experiences. Choosing the right study abroad destination is crucial, as …

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Study Masters and PhD in Canada


When deciding on whether you want to study your Masters and PhD in Canada, you’ll find that the country has many universities that grant the opportunity of studying a great variety of subjects at a Bachelors, Masters or PhD level. Canada also grants you the opportunity of researching and expanding …

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Student life in Canada: From culture to work

Student Life in Canada

Numerous international students choose Canada as a destination, making nearly one-fifth of Canadian university students being from other countries.  Canada is also the fourth most popular country for international students to study abroad. That’s why we have decided to provide you with some basic information international students may need to …

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10 Cheap Cities in Canada for international students


Small cities like Quebec and Ontario are often the cheapest cities in Canada. Meanwhile, the most expensive cities are often larger cities and cities in the countryside or up north. Looking for the cheapest cities in Canada? Read our list of selected small yet affordable cities: Sherbrooke, Quebec: The 1st …

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