What are the requirements to study in Australia?

Studying in Australia is the dream of a lot of people; especially that education in the country is highly advanced. And if you’re part of those who want to benefit from the country’s scientific advancement, we’ve compiled here the study requirements in Australia.

First and foremost, when taking such a big step, you have to be aware of a number of things that will help you reach your goal without any loss of time, effort, or money. We will show you everything related to immigration to Australia for study. This includes the laws governing this issue, conditions, required documents, etc. We will talk about that in detail so that you would guarantee to have correct and accurate information.

Moreover, when deciding to study in Australia, you have to determine which university you want to enroll in. Every educational institution in Australia has its own conditions and requirements. And you have to meet them, so that you could be accepted as a student there.

The English Language as the first of the Requirements to Study in Australia

Since you’re going to study in an English-speaking country, the first requirement to study in Australia is your proficiency in English. And you also need to provide evidence you master the English language to get a student visa. Among the evidences, you need to have either: 

  • A satisfactory test score in a language test approved by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. 
  • Completed your previous studies in English

Among the English test scores required, there are the IELTS, TOEFL or Pearson tests. You have to visit the website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs as well as the university you wish to study at to know the required level.

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Academic Requirements to Study in Australia

Academic requirements in Australia vary according to the institution and the level of study you want to pursue. Also, there might be specific requirements you need to pay attention too. But above everything else, you need to provide educational details along with the grades you earned in each college or university you’ve already attended prior to your application. You also might need to provide correspondence courses and diplomas. 

If you apply for undergraduate studies, you need to provide your mark sheet of your 10th Grade and 12th Grade from high school. Moreover, for postgraduate degrees, you need to provide an attested copy of your bachelor’s degree. 

Keep also in mind, that if these documents are not in English, you need to translate them and provide both the original and translated versions.

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Requirements for Schools, Universities, and Postgraduate Study in Australia


You have to determine which state you want to study in, as well as the school, for the following reasons:

  • Each school has its own requirements, which also depends on the area or state where it is located.
  • Each school has its own academic requirements.

Vocational Education

The vocational education institutions do not require any tests, but insome times you are needed to be studying specific subjects or having acertificate of expertise.

University Education

If you want to study in Australia, among all the requirements is the Australian Higher School Certificate or a high school diploma. Therefore, you have to equate your university degree to be able to study in Australian universities.

To equate your degree, some universities in your country may offer comprehensive courses for the basic curricula that would help you to meet the admission requirements in Australian universities.

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Postgraduate Studies

To pursue postgraduate studies in Australia, you must hold at least an undergraduate degree. Moreover, for international students, eligibility for a master degree, also requires a demonstrated ability in research or a relevant work experience.

The student must also have completed at least 3 years study in a recognized institution. And last but not least, the students must provide a research proposal if they apply for a PhD in Australia.

Student visa requirements in Australia

The last entry requirements in Australia are for the student visa. Usually, international students must apply for a Subclass 500 visa. And general conditions to earn this visa include: 

  • An electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) certificate from the university
  • Proof of financial means to support you during your time in Australia
  • English language proficiency
  • Subscription to an acceptable Overseas Student Health Cover. 

You can learn more on the website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs as well as in our article about the student visa for Australia.

We wish you all success and hope we’ve helped you with the requirements to study in Australia. Furthermore, we invite you also to take a look at our resources on how to work in Australia after graduation.

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