How to study for a bachelor degree in China?

Reasons to complete a university degree in China are numerous. Not only, Chinese universities are among the best ranked in Asia and worldwide, but tuition fees are among the most affordable. Moreover, the Chinese government offer many scholarship programs and has reformed education in the country for the purpose of attracting more and more international students. Among the degrees foreign students can earn in China is a bachelor degree, with more and more institutions offering programs with English as the medium of teaching. 

Let’s get an overview of how is it to study for a bachelor degree in China, along with some programs you can check out in Chinese universities. 

Does China have bachelor degree?

China’s higher education institutions has set up as goal to internationalize in order to meet the highest global standards. And the Chinese government has reformed mostly the field of science and education in recent years in order to provide skilled personnel to sustain China’s growing economy. 

That’s why, most of Chinese universities nowadays offer bachelor programs in English. Moreover, all bachelor’s degree you earn in Chinese universities are accredited and recognized internationally. 

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How many years is a bachelor’s degree in China?

To complete undergraduate studies in China, you need to undergo 4 to 6 years of study. Most bachelor degrees in most universities in China will take 4 years to complete. However, a MBBS, including a Bachelor of Surgery and a Bachelor of Clinical Medicine, will take 5 to 6 years of study to complete. 

The academic year usually starts in mid-September for the fall semester and ends in January. The spring semester on the other hand starts in March and ends in mid-July. This may however change, depending on the length of the summer break and the Chinese New Year dates.

China university admission requirements for international students

International students who apply for admission in a bachelor degree program in China must first and foremost have completed at least 12 years of formal education. Other basic requirements include being between the ages of 18 and 25 and having a valid passport. 

Moreover, international students applying for programs in English and whose first language is not English, must provide a proof of proficiency in this language. The rest of the documentation include certified copies of transcripts, a personal statement letter and two recommendation letters. 

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Some Bachelor degree programs in China

Many universities in China provide an opportunity for students with a high school diploma to study at the university. You can start by choosing one of the various majors in the bachelor’s degree.

Among the most important specialties are:

Bachelor’s degree in Economics

The economics specialization is one of the most important degrees chosen by a large number of international students in Chinese universities.

This degree is available to study in English, and more than 70 different universities and institutions offer it. The costs of studying economics specialization are usually different from one university to another.

There are numerous specializations in the field of economics, like a degree in economic management, human resource management, accounting, marketing, and other specialities.

The duration of the Bachelor of Economics degree varies according to each university. Generally, in total, it takes four years to study.

Bachelor’s degree in Law

Four Chinese universities offer the opportunity for students to pursue studies in the specialization of law. The costs of studying for this degree differ from one university to another.

Among the options available in the Bachelor of Law are international law, public law, and economic law. Not to mention, all these specialities are available in English.

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Philosophy

Central China Normal University allows students to pursue university studies in philosophy and psychology in English.

This specialization includes studying everything related to the history of philosophy, the importance of philosophical thought and fields of application.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in China

There are thirty-three majors in China with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science that are taught in English. A Bachelor of Computer Science study takes four years.

Finally, there are many other degrees. You can learn more about the Bachelor’s degree in China from the university site or admission.

Bachelor of Medicine in China

Medical education in China consists of a five-year bachelor degree followed by one-year internship before getting the final degree. To get admission in an undergraduate medical program, applicants have to undertake a national entrance examination. International students who study for a bachelor degree in China have the choice between 45 universities. Those are the ones that are allowed to offer a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in English.

Those who study for a bachelor degree in human medicine in China have skills in diagnosing human diseases, planning patient treatment, providing health consulting, using medical imaging techniques, as well as taking samples for laboratory tests. Moreover, a medical bachelor program in China includes courses in anatomy, histology, physiology, microbiology… along with clinical practice. 

Among the best medical institutions in China, there are: 

  • Nanjing Medical University (NJMU)
  • Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) 
  • Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZUSM)
  • Guangzhou Medical University (GMU)
  • Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University (SHMC)

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