Study pharmacy in the UK for international students

UK is one of the best international destinations for international students who want to study pharmacy. Not only due to the fact that the United Kingdom gives the opportunity for students to experience a new lifestyle and to adapt to the traditions and customs of British society.

But also because of its leading position in the field of scientific research in both the health care field and drug innovation and development.

Pharmacy courses in UK for international students

Any international student can obtain a pharmacy certificate in the UK. As far as they are interested in the field of chemistry and pharmaceutical industry.

However, diploma degree in pharmacy varies depending on the obtained degree, if it is a bachelor’s or master’s degree. It also depends on the financial ability of the student and the time study he is interested in.

There are three types of Pharmacy degrees :

Pharmacist Diploma

This diploma requires obtaining a master’s degree in pharmacy. This study lasts four to five years, during which the student’s academic program includes modules of pharmacology, biology, physiology, chemistry as well as the profession ethics.

The aim of this course is to create health professionals who are able to work in pharmacies and communicate closely with doctors and other health care professionals.

Assistant Pharmacist Diploma

The duration of this course lasts for almost 24 weeks. Pharmacist assistants with a pharmacy study certificate in the UK work alongside the pharmacist.

He is generally in charge of distributing prescriptions, ordering as well as answering customer inquiries. Additionally, the costs of a pharmacist assistant diploma varies from one institution to another. There are online lessons starting from £25 per week. Follow the topic of study in Britain remotely

Learn more about Distance Learning in UK.

Technical Pharmacist Diploma

Health technicians often tend to work in hospitals, where their main role is to ensure delivery of the right drug and dose to patients. In this regard, the British Pharmacology diploma offers several specializations for health technicians. This includes pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality control as well as clinical trials.

At this time, the duration of this diploma lasts up to 10 months, and its cost varies depending on the institution.

How to apply for studying pharmacy in Britain

The way to register for pharmacy study in the UK is not different from registration in any other British university. Indeed, you need only to fill in the application form through the website of the British University Application Center (UCAS).

After accepting the file, the student will be contacted to complete the rest of the study procedures.

For more information, see how to register at a British university.

Entry requirements to study pharmacy in the UK

The requirements for admission to study pharmacy in the UK vary according to the required specialization and the criteria set by each university. In general, they can be summarized as follows:

  • Pass the International Baccalaureate with at least 34 points.
  • Succeed IELTS test with score of 6.5 with at least 6.0 in each course.
  • Pass the test for pharmacy study with degree of AAB

Study pharmacy in UK: fees

The cost of studying pharmacy in the UK for the pharmacist is between £54,000 and £166,000. Despite the high study cost in the UK, the pharmacist degree is generally seen as one of the most profitable areas in the health field. Unlike other disciplines, one of the advantages of a pharmacist study is the eligibility for scholarships granted for studying medicine in the UK.

The 6 best universities to study pharmacy in UK

Here are the 6 top pharmacy universities in the UK:

Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences seeks to equip students with an in-depth knowledge of the health industry and pharmacy practice. Indeed, it aims to enable students with the necessary professional competences.

Moreover, it gives them enough willingness to maintain health care for the community, as well as its developing and improvement.

Learn more about Robert Gordon University

Cardiff University

Cardiff University is one of the best universities to study pharmacy in the UK. It’s known for its prestigious reputation among the rest of the pharmacy schools. This is mainly due to its modern and innovative facilities and its distinctive curriculum.

All this coupled with the proficiency of professors at the university, which makes the students, both international and local, aspiring together to obtain a seat in it. At the end, they will get one of the best pharmacy certificates in the world.

Manchester University

The School of Biology, Health and Medicine at the prestigious Manchester University offers one of the best pharmacy courses in the UK. Besides the fact that the University has strong partners, including the National Health Association and some important UK organizations.

For this reason, it ensures that students have the advantage of learning in a professional environment, thus gaining experience by facing the various challenges known in the pharmacy field.

Bath University

The Department of Pharmacology at Bath University has one of the most popular pharmacy diplomas. These aim to pave the professional future of its students by providing a solid and distinguished base of theoretical knowledge, as well as enabling them to participate in research activities to ensure the application of their knowledge on the medical use of various drugs.

Ulster University

Ulster University is one of the best pharmacy schools in the UK thanks to its carefully chosen diploma. This is due to the fact that it combines scientific research with a theoretical foundation in the field of pharmacy and health care.

Additionally, the university has an encouraging learning environment and modern facilities. Thus, it attracts many talented students, researchers, and scientists from inside and outside the country.

Nottingham University

Nottingham University gains a very well national and international reputation in the field of pharmacy study in Britain. In addition to the opportunities to choose from a variety of diverse study programs, the pharmacy students at Nottingham University get an integrated program of study, which combines theory with practice.

As an indication of its popularity, the university has set up a campus in Malaysia that allows students from both sides to spend a semester, year of study or internship abroad.

In the end, I hope that in this article I have given you all that is useful in your journey towards studying pharmacy in Britain. Do not hesitate to ask your questions by commenting below the article.

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