Customs and traditions in Ireland

Customs and traditions in Ireland

While preparing for your study trip in Ireland, keep in mind an important thing, which is to familiarize yourself first with all the features of this country. What are customs and traditions in Ireland, festivals and culture? Knowing all of these matters inevitably contributes to the speed of your integration with Irish society.

In these lines, we will try to bring the image closer to you and inform about all of Ireland customs and traditions

Irish family traditions

Family ties in Irish society are very close, you find the family has several individuals and even despite the distance they try to keep the ties between them strong.

Irish people have a sense of humor and humor, and you find them using words and words to ridicule each other.

  • The greeting consists of handshaking, especially during one of the first meetings.
  • Eye contact demonstrates confidence while talking to Irish people.
  • The Irish exchange gifts during events and birthdays.
  • The gifts in Ireland have a symbolic value consisting of the initiative and not a materialistic or financial value.
  • When introducing roses, do not give white roses because they are presented at funerals.
  • If an Irish family invites you, make sure to come at the time, and bring a box of good chocolate.
  • Offer help to remove dishes after a meal.
  • The more formal the event, the more strict it will be in the way you act if you do not know the correct way to act, only you should watch and follow what others do.

Irish Holidays and Traditions

Easter in Ireland

Irish people are preparing to celebrate Easter during Sunday by cleaning houses and preparing to receive the monk in order to take his blessing, and this religious celebration dates back hundreds of years.

Halloween traditions in Ireland

Halloween’s holiday lasts all the day around the world, and Ireland is also celebrating it the full day of October 31.

Christmas celebration in Ireland

Most, if not all, families celebrate Christmas in Ireland, by decorating homes with lights and decorating the Christmas tree beautifully.

St. Patrick’s National Day in Ireland

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, one of the most popular holidays in this country, which has been celebrated in several countries around the world. This day is a holiday in Ireland, during which they do a number of celebrations and festivals.

What are some Irish culture & customs?

Popular culture in Ireland is very similar to many other Western countries in terms of television, cinema, popular music, and literature.


Ireland is divided into 32 provinces. The Republic of Ireland is made up of 26 counties, and Northern Ireland has six counties.

Some important points about Ireland’s geography:

  • Ireland’s tallest mountain is called “Carrantuohill” in County Carrie.
  • Ireland’s longest river is the Shannon River
  • The largest lake in Ireland is the “Log Nie” lake in Ulster.


Customs and traditions in Ireland are distinct from European countries.

The Irish have a good reputation for being very friendly. Generally, people shake hands with people when they meet for the first time. As for friends, the meeting takes place through hugs or saying hello. Sometimes saluting is carried out by kissing on the cheek in case they know each other well.

Time value

It may sometimes seem that keeping time is not very important in Ireland. Generally, when someone arranges to meet you at 8 am, this usually means 8.15 or later. The Irish people, in general, are very comfortable around the time. But if you come to a job interview, you should always come early to indicate that you are keeping the dates well, as it indicates your ability to take responsibility.

Good manners & respect

People will generally say “please” and “thank you”, for example when ordering something, and when getting off the bus most people will thank the bus driver.

In stores or anywhere, people usually line up and wait for their turn. So make sure to respect this and wait for your turn.

Language related customs and traditions in Ireland

In Ireland, Irish (Gaelic) and English are the two official languages. Irish being a Celtic language, and the vernacular for almost all the population until the nineteenth century. It has been replaced by English as the vernacular since then. 

However, most primary and secondary school students in the country still study the Irish language. And it remains as important for communication in cultural, educational, governmental, literary, sports groups throughout Ireland. Moreover, still related to the language part, the use of slang is another Irish custom you should not miss. 

And these Irish slangs even vary greatly depending on the country (Ireland or North Ireland), the age of the person speaking and their upbringing. Among the most popular expressions, there are: 

  • I’m grand/it’s grand meaning I’m OK/it’s OK
  • Sláinte meaning healthy, and used mostly as a toast.
  • Dia dhuit which means hello.

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