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Study in Canada: 2020 Ultimate Guide

Guide to study in Canada

If you think Canada might be the right place for you, here is our comprehensive guide on how we help you to Study in Canada. Indeed, all information is here, starting from how to apply, to knowing the best universities for Undergraduate and Master’s Program. In comparison to the USA application …

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Top 10 universities to study in Canada

Toronto University

After we have explained the methods of obtaining a study visa in Canada through our previous article Study in Canada. we will now mention the most prominent universities that entered the global rankings of the best universities. It is worth noting that Canada has become a prominent destination for university …

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How to obtain a study visa in Canada

Canadian Visa

A study visa is an official document issued by Immigration Canada which allows foreign nationals to study in Canada for a certain period of time. In a previous article, we learned about the conditions for admission to access Canadian universities. Today, we resume the topic of study in Canada, where …

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Top 6 Universities to Study Engineering in Canada


If you choose to study engineering in Canada, you’ll get the chance to study at some of Canada’s best universities. You’ll also get the skills and qualifications necessary to take on a wide variety of jobs. This is especially important if you decide to stay in Canada after graduation. We’ll …

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Study in Canada: Requirements and Process

Study in Canada

Studying in Canada is a dream for many students. Thousands of students from countries around the world apply for study visa in Canada every year. Indeed, many people seek to study and immigrate to Canada to obtain the higher and distinguished education that it offers. In this article, we will tell you how to migrate to Canada to study and all that you must do. So, follow …

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How to Get Student Accommodation in Canada


Your choice of student accommodation in Canada depends on your budget and the standard of life that you are used to. Most of the time, you have a wide range of accommodation choices available to international students through university. You can choose to live in on-campus university accommodation, off camps …

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Conditions for enrollment in Canadian universities

Canadian Universities

With half a million foreign students coming to Canada every year, Canadian universities continue to be a top choice for international students. After we listed the top 10 universities to study in Canada in our previous article, now we will get to know the conditions for enrollment in Canadian universities. Notes …

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Study in Canada at the lowest cost

Study in Canada at the lowest costs

When we speak about study in Canada, it’s worth mentioning that Canada is one of the most popular destinations in the world for international students. Moreover, it offers a variety of experiences and opportunities in a country famous for its vast distances, multicultural cities as well as natural beauty. Study …

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Work in Canada after graduating from its universities

Work in Canada after graduation is an aspiration by most international students. The new Canadian law works to help international students coming for the purpose of university study in immigration and stay in the state of Canada. Moreover, this law helps in obtaining citizenship. Since the Canadian people are one …

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Distance learning in Canada – Complete guide 2021

Distance learning in Canada

Perhaps the choice of distance learning in Canada is not a random choice, given the progress the country has known in terms of education and its facilitation of distance study. Canada has already made great strides in developing education in its country, before getting into distance learning. Basically, this indulgence …

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