5 Reasons for a Student Visa Refusal in Canada and How to Reapply

When preparing for your student adventure in Canada, you may encounter some difficulties, for instance, you may experience a student visa refusal. Some students believe that getting accepted into a Canadian university is the most difficult part of studying abroad. However, it turns out that there are more difficult challenges out. In this case, it’s getting your Canadian student visa rejected and trying to figure out the reasons why.

What are the reasons for a Canadian study visa refusal? How can you solve the problem and reapply? What alternatives can you resort to after your visa request is rejected multiple times in a row? You’ll know all that and more in the following article…

Common reasons of a Canadian study visa refusal

Insufficient evidence of financial support

As an applicant for a Canadian student visa, it is necessary for you to provide a bank statement as evidence of your ability to cover the cost of studying and living for you and any accompanying family members. So if a candidate shows they have not enough financial resources in addition to sending out questionable documents, they will most likely be rejected.

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Dual intent

A student visa is a temporary visa for a limited time. You are granted this visa on the basis of trust and respect. To ensure that, officials will ask you if you’ve been to Canada before, if you have family ties there and what the purpose of your travel is. If you have any other intent besides studying, you certainly will have your study permit in Canada refused.

Note that you need a work permit if you intend to work in Canada after Graduation.

Questionable documents

Correct documents will include a valid passport, recent photos, a letter of good standing and a health certificate. To prove your eligibility as a candidate, make sure all forms are filled properly and responsibly. Any mistakes in your file will lead to your documents being questioned and therefore tour visa request will be rejected.

Questionable letter of acceptance

Before applying for a student visa in Canada, you must first receive a letter of acceptance from a Canadian university. It should be noted, your student visa may be rejected if it is deemed questionable.

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Weak academic performance

A strong academic performance is your key to avoid a student visa refusal, whether in Canada or elsewhere. Your acceptance also depends on your level of English, as proven by your IELTS or TOEFL score. Visa officials will also look into the correlation between your classes and your academic performance. If your academic performance is weak, your application will most likely be refused.

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What to do after a refusal of your Canada student visa?

Getting your Canadian student visa might be simple, but there’s more to it than what meets the eye. The reason for the rejection of your application will probably be one of those mentioned above. Here are some tips if your study permit application has been refused.

Understand why your application has been refused

Try to understand the reason properly when you receive the letter notifying of your Canadian student visa rejection. Once you’ve understood the reason for your refusal, you can then try to solve them.

Find the reason for refusal on the CAIPS

When you receive the letter of refusal, you normally won’t find a specific reason there. Therefore, you will have to visit the electronic immigration database, CAIPS (Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System). In this database, you will find the reason for your visa application rejection.

Clear your file of any statements that may have misinformed immigration officers

After reviewing the reasons why your student visa in Canada has been refused and fixing them, wait a while before reapplying. At times, there are slight indications that may have given a bad impression to immigration officers. For example, you may have stated that you aim to travel with your wife and kids. That statement may give immigration the impression that you have insufficient ties to your home country.

In this case, you will need to provide sufficient evidence that prove your intention to return to your home country after completing your studies.

What if you experience several visa rejections?

You may have put in a lot of effort in applying for your student visa in Canada but have not yet succeeded in spite of your many attempts. You may have reasons not to give up. In this case, you can try to find alternative or temporary solutions, such as the following:

Apply for a student visa elsewhere

Although Canada is a great place to study, there are other countries in the world that are equally good. Aside from that, immigration can also be easier in other countries, especially those that have political and diplomatic ties with your own. In fact, some of those countries may even pay for your accommodation.

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Complete your study at home

You’ll always find great opportunities to study at universities or colleges in your home country. You might decide to get your degree in your home country and try to reapply for a Canadian student visa at another point in your academic journey. It’ll be wise to look into the requirements for each university and choose one that is the most convenient for you and prepare yourself

We advise that you do not go into university with a defeated attitude, as that will not encourage you to work hard and revel in the outcome. It also would not be wise to study abroad with a weak degree.

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Find a job to strengthen your CV

Among the reasons why your student visa in Canada is refused is that you either do not have enough academic experience in the field you have chosen or that your funds are low. Either way, you can remedy that by applying to a job that is closest to the last subject you specialized in. You can also try to get more work experience that enriches your CV. Additionally, you’ll be bettering your financial situation.

Benefit from online education platforms

There are many accredited academic opportunities provided online. These platforms offer degrees in many academic fields that have the ability to enrich your skills, competencies and your CV. Among these international platforms are Coursera and FunMooc.

You can also try online learning in Canada. Read our article on the subject to get more details.

How can I avoid rejection of my student visa in Canada?

The refusal of your student visa in Canada depends on certain factors. As a student that is passionate about a certain subject, you can convince immigration officers by stating your goal and aspirations. Make sure to study your file extensively, even get some expert advice before you try again.

Remember that there are always opportunities out there and that knowledge is easily accessible in the digital age we live in today, all you need is patience. So our advice to you is to be ambitious and above all be patient.

Have you experienced a student visa refusal to Canada? What were the reasons for refusal, and how did you react? Please share your experience in the comments box below!

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