The international student life in USA

Student Life in USA

The student life in the USA is an incredibly unique experience, especially when compared to the experience you might have in a country like the UK or Canada. Learn about the student life in Canada here. Student Culture in the United States American culture is vast and diverse. Moreover, it …

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The top universities in USA for aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineering is a fast-paced dynamic field focused on the design, maintenance and enhancement of all types of airborne vehicles. Certainly, these include aircraft, missiles as well as space shuttles. If you are interested in pursuing studies in aerospace engineering or aeronautics, we have compiled for you the 5 best …

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How to study in UK for international students

Study in UK-the ultimate guide

Studying in Britain attracts many students around the world, especially that its universities are among the most prestigious educational institutions. These universities will enable you to easily access the job market, not only in Britain but also in all countries around the world that accept and respect the British academic …

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Study Aircraft Engineering in USA

Aircraft Engineering in America

Many technical colleges and universities offer students the opportunity to study aircraft maintenance engineering in the USA. They also offer maintenance certificates at associate and bachelor’s degrees. Students in aircraft engineering programs learn how to troubleshoot problems and fix them within aircraft systems. This is done during their preparation to …

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Our list of the best university courses in the UK

Subjects UK Universities | Best university courses in the UK

Britain has a good reputation in terms of higher education and has a long history in this field. Almost a quarter of British universities are internationally ranked among the most remarkable universities in the world that offer a wide range of interesting subjects and programs. They offer some of the …

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UK student visa requirements and how to apply


A condition you need to meet in order to be able to study in Britain is to have a residence visa that enables you to study there. Hence, in this article, we will highlight the process of obtaining a student visa in the UK in simplified steps. All of which …

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