The cost of studying and living in South Korea

Cost of studying and living in South Korea

Perhaps one of the most important questions on your mind when thinking about studying in South Korea is what are the costs of studying and living there? The cost of studying in South Korea for foreign students depends on several factors: the type of program, the level of student preparation and the …

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How to obtain a study visa in South Korea

Study Visa in South Korea

Following our article about the study guide in South Korea, now it’s time to think about how to obtain a study visa in South Korea in order to travel there. Indeed, that will be after you receive the acceptance letter directly from a Korean University. Of course, the residency program …

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How to get student accommodation in South Korea

Student accommodation in South Korea

After deciding to study in South Korea, you will need to choose the university in which you will study and determine the appropriate option for student accommodation for you there. Learn about the top 10 Korean universities. In the following lines, we will showcase the types of student accommodation in …

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6 Best Majors and Subjects to study in South Korea

Majors in South Korea

Below are the most important majors to study in South Korea, in addition to the requirements that have been mentioned in some majors and application deadlines. Knowing that most majors in South Korea share some basic requirements such as application for enrollment, certificate of secondary education qualification (or equivalent), as …

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Are you thinking of studying in France?

Study in France

Many international students may consider continuing their study in France or to have a training or an internship there. However, they will have many questions about this. In this article as well in other articles of this series, we will answer all these questions, from submitting an application for a …

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Types of scholarships in South Korea

Scholarships in South Korea

First: The Korean Governmental scholarships The main purpose of these scholarships is to provide opportunities for students from all over the world to study in South Korea and to strengthen relations between different countries of the world. Available study programs: Bachelor’s programs (4 academic years), as well as postgraduate studies …

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