How to study abroad in Italy for free?

Study in Italy for Free

How to study in Italy for free is somehow tricky. Being the most popular destination for students looking for cultural enrichment, and to enjoy all that Italy has to offer.

Lined with centuries-old museums, churches are decorated with intricate facades and other historical monuments, studying in Italy for free needs some homework! Ready?

Free study in Italy for international students

Is studying in Italy free of charge possible? The answer is yes, through following some of the tips we’re going to give you in this article. Also, Italian universities are among those popular for offering affordable education, with even some institutions offering free education and subjects of studies that are tuition-free.

In fact, there are 3 ways to study for free in Italy. The first one is earning a scholarship, which is a way for universities to exonerate international students from paying tuition and even cover some living costs. A very popular example is the “Invest your talent in Italy” program, which offers to pay for the masters study of the applicant, so they can earn it for free in Italy.

The second method is to apply to cheap study programs, or apply very early to benefit from “early birds” discounts that many universities in Italy use to attract more international students. And the last option, if you happen to get a fair discount with your tuition, is to work part-time in Italy to cover the rest of your expenses.

Scholarships to study in Italy for free

These non-traditional educational experiences cannot be easily measured with the ones offered through exams and semester papers.

This causes most students to choose a summer semester, or a semester or a year, to spend on a program of study in Italy. But hey! The cost of your study abroad experiences might be a bit hard!

Scholarships in Italy are different and varied. Students who need financial assistance can apply for a scholarship to help fund their study program. Many colleges and study organizations abroad offer scholarships based on factors you can find online and of course diversity. Scholarships like CAPA, CIEE, AIFS, CEA.

Also, as with most scholarships in Italy, the student must be prepared to give the right documents and write one or two applications as part of the application process.

Keep your costs low

It is unfortunate that you can’t study abroad without spending some money. There are methods that you can use as an investment that can be managed, low-cost (and almost free). If you are willing to do a little research, and you think in a more creative way to find easy ways, you’d find yourself in Italy sooner than you think.

Here are some tips that will set you on the road to how to study in Italy for free!

Before you leave for Italy

During your search to find all the academic documents you need to study abroad, check with your university. You will also need to start preparing a financial plan for yourself.

Although it may seem difficult in the first place, have some savings on the side and check the free financial resources (such as scholarships) which can alleviate many of your financial concerns.

It is certain that knowing the costs of studying and living in Italy must be among your research priorities!

Arrange your studies yourself

Did you know that you can drastically reduce costs by bypassing intermediaries and applying for admission to an Italian university directly? Students can find universities in major cities like Rome, Florence, Bologna, Milan, and Naples, in addition to many other universities.

This option gives you the opportunity to choose a university that offers suitable majors. Also, it enables you to identify the best cities to study in Italy and the least expensive in terms of accommodation.

However, keep in mind that if you choose to arrange your study abroad yourself, you will be responsible for your trip arrangements, accommodation, and licenses.

All of this can cause trouble at times. It can also be a more effective option in terms of reducing expenses as low as possible.

Search for flights

While most students spend their time looking for the tuition fees and room and housing costs, it is also important to consider the cost of an airline ticket.

Depending on the time of year, tickets may cost you a few thousand dollars if you are not careful. Many travel experts recommend booking travelers for flights on Tuesday or Wednesday, when prices usually drop.

Transportation in Italy

Taxis may seem comfortable, but getting around with them can end up spending huge amounts of money. So, public transport, walking or bike rides whenever possible is one of the practical means of maximizing your budget.

If you are a travel fan and plan to travel extensively by train throughout Italy, you can request an Eurail Card prior to departure!

Free events and discount cards

Many museums and art galleries offer free admission on certain days, or during specific days. Make sure to use any student discount cards, such as those given through STA Travel.

In general, your studies as an international student in Italy will be a unique journey, so try to plan carefully for all aspects related to your studies in this country.

Also, check out our article on the cost of studying and living in Italy here.

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