Exploring the Top Universities to Study Economics and Business in Poland

In the realm of global business and economics, Poland stands as a beacon of opportunity and academic excellence. As the world witnesses a growing interest in understanding economic systems and their intricate mechanisms, choosing to study economics in Poland emerges as a strategic decision. Moreover, the allure of Poland extends beyond its academic prowess. Being one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies, Poland provides a vibrant environment for students to witness economic principles in practice. This article offers a detailed guide for those contemplating studying business and economics in Poland.

Is Poland Good for Studying Economics and Business?

Thinking about pursuing business and economics studies in Poland? Here are several reasons to opt for Poland:

  1. Rich Academic Tradition: Poland boasts a long history of academic excellence dating back to 1364 with institutions like the Jagiellonian University.
  1. Modern and Dynamic Environment: As a member of the European Union and one of the world’s 25 most developed economies, Poland offers a contemporary and vibrant setting for education.
  1. International Mobility: With the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), students can easily transfer credits and continue their education within the EU. You can read about Poland’s higher education system here.
  1. High-Quality Education: Poland’s higher education system is well-developed and monitored for quality, with diplomas recognized across the EU and worldwide.
  1. Affordable Living and Studying Costs: Compared to other EU countries, Poland offers competitive tuition fees and lower living expenses, making it more affordable for international students. 
  1. Recognized Business Schools: Business schools like SGH Warsaw School of Economics and Kozminski University have gained recognition in prestigious rankings such as the Financial Times, offering top-notch education.
  1. Development Success Story: Poland’s remarkable economic growth, transitioning from communism to a high-income status, showcases its resilience and potential as a hub for business studies.

With a safe, multicultural environment, rich tradition, and vibrant student life, Poland presents a compelling choice for those seeking business and economics education.

Study Economics and Business in Poland: Requirements

To study economics and business in Poland, contact your chosen university’s Admissions Office. Discuss admission details such as required documents and deadlines. 

For undergraduate studies, you’ll typically need an application form, high school certificate, and language proficiency proof. If your documents aren’t in Polish or English, include translations. Each university may request different documents, so check directly with them. 

  • For a Bachelor’s, you’ll generally need a high school diploma, English proficiency (like IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 70), passport, student visa, motivational and reference letters, and possibly an entrance test or interview. 
  • Master’s requirements include a Bachelor’s in economics or related fields, English proficiency (IELTS >6.0 or TOEFL 72), along with the same documents as for Bachelor’s.

Study Economics and Business in Poland: Fees

Full-time business and economics studies in Poland are either free or have fees based on citizenship. Polish citizens and some foreigners, like EU/EEA residents, study for free. Others pay fees ranging from EUR 2000 to 6000 annually for bachelor’s and master’s programs. Postgraduate and specialized courses cost EUR 3000 yearly. MBA programs, on the other hand, typically demand EUR 8000-12,000 annually. Moreover, Poland conforms to the guidelines of the Bologna Process in European higher education. Therefore, bachelor’s programs usually last 3 to 4 years, and master’s programs take 2 years.

Best Business and Economics Universities in Poland

Polish universities have garnered significant interest from a diverse range of students worldwide. Within the following list, we’ll delve into the top universities in Poland where you can study economics and business. 

University Of Warsaw – Faculty Of Management 

Established in 1972, the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw is Poland’s oldest institution of its kind. It prioritizes keeping students updated with the latest advancements in their field and maintains strong connections with its community. Every year, it invites guest lecturers from both Polish and international universities, including those from Europe and the USA. The faculty offers a wide range of programs tailored for international students, with over 2000 degree programs available in English. 

Among these is the International Business Program, which is conducted entirely in English and spans a two-year period. This program provides a specialized curriculum in international management. It also encourages collaboration with various foreign universities through programs like Erasmus and exchanges with American institutions. Its goal is to equip students with a solid theoretical understanding of international management issues in Poland and worldwide. This is to ensure a comprehensive grasp of the subject.

Kozminski University  

For those interested in studying economics in Poland, Kozminski University stands out as another excellent choice. Situated in Warsaw, it offers 16 English programs, including Bachelor’s, PhD, and International MBA options. With a student body of 9,000, including 1,560 international students from 80 different countries such as Italy, Portugal, and France, it cultivates a diverse learning atmosphere. 

Additionally, accredited by EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB, Kozminski University ensures top-quality education and research, a distinction held by fewer than 1% of global business schools. Renowned for its global rankings and partnerships with industry, Kozminski University provides a solid path to success in the dynamic fields of economics and business.

SGH Warsaw School Of Economics

Ranked third among top universities for studying economics and business in Poland, SGH Warsaw School of Economics holds a distinguished position. Recognized as the oldest and most prestigious institution in these fields, SGH offers programs in both Polish and English. Accredited by ACCA, AMBA, CeQuInt, and IQA, SGH upholds a high standard of education. 

With a 100% employability rate within three months post-graduation and affiliations with global alliances like CEMS and PIM, SGH provides unmatched opportunities for aspiring economists. Additionally, its illustrious history boasts notable alumni such as Leszek Balcerowicz, whose “shock therapy” reforms significantly influenced Poland’s economy in 1989.

Poznań University Of Economics And Business 

Ranked fourth among the top universities where you can study economics in Poland is Poznań University of Economics and Business (PUEB). PUEB is renowned as the premier business school in Poland, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical education. With a focus on programs geared towards real-world applications, it prepares students with crucial skills for today’s business landscape. 

As a matter of fact, 83% of companies collaborating with PUEB express satisfaction with the performance of its graduates. The university maintains also a strong international presence, with 400 students from 35 different countries. Its collaboration with the PUEB Partners’ Club ensures valuable industry insights contribute to program development. It also provides students with authentic practical experiences.

Gdansk University of Technology Faculty of Management and Economics

Following on our list is the Gdansk University of Technology’s Faculty of Management and Economics, offering exceptional opportunities to study economics in Poland. Their strategy addresses regional, national, and global challenges by blending academic accomplishments with engineering traditions and an entrepreneurial mindset. Grounded in universal values, they prioritize innovative research and education on an international scale. 

The faculty strives to be an attractive hub for both students and staff, contributing to social and economic progress. With a vision to lead in Europe, they emphasize active engagement and collaboration. Lastly, internationalization is a core focus, evident in programs, staff, partnerships, and mobility exchanges, enhancing the experience for those interested in studying economics in Poland.

Warsaw University of Technology’s Business School

Next, we have the Warsaw University of Technology Business School. For over 30 years, it has excelled in delivering exceptional managerial education, consistently enhancing its international rankings. Accredited by EPAS, it upholds rigorous international standards. With a focus on academic excellence, trust, agility, and community, it nurtures leaders capable of strategic planning, effective problem-solving, and making a positive social impact. 

Offering programs such as the International MBA and Executive MBA, it caters to diverse needs. The alumni network of WUT Business School spans globally, offering unique business opportunities. Established in collaboration with prestigious business schools from Western Europe, it has maintained a truly international character since its inception.

Nicolaus Copernicus University – Faculty of Economics Sciences and Management

Nicolaus Copernicus University’s Faculty of Economics Sciences and Management holds the 7th position among Poland’s esteemed universities for economics and business. Established in 1945, its mission revolves around studying economics, conducting research, and promoting socially responsible attitudes. 

Over the years, the Faculty has evolved, establishing institutes and adapting to economic changes. Additionally, the faculty holds accreditation from prestigious bodies like AACSB and AMBA, ensuring top-notch education with modern facilities and international partnerships. Its goal is to prepare graduates for various roles both locally and globally.

Wroclaw University Of Economics And Business 

Next on the list is the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (WUEB), a premier destination for economics study in Poland. So, why choose WUEB? It offers attractive study programs in English, including summer schools focusing on economics and IT in business. Conveniently located near the city center, its campus features comfortable dormitories, dining facilities, and a sports center. 

With over 70 student organizations and research clubs, students have ample opportunities to explore their academic interests and gain project experience. Additionally, the university prioritizes updating courses to align with market demands. Accredited by international bodies, it emphasizes practical learning through hands-on projects. With numerous industry connections and high rates of employability, it’s a top choice for international students.

Vistula University

Ranked ninth among the top schools of economics in Poland is Vistula University. Located in Warsaw, the heart of Europe, Vistula University stands out as the most internationalized university in Poland. With representation from over 100 countries, it evidently offers a multicultural environment for students preparing for global careers. 

Furthermore, VU prioritizes employability, collaborating with students from the outset to develop skills for sustainable careers. The university boasts diverse faculties with cross-sector experience, fostering innovation and inspiration. Its focus on modernizing studies through technology and adapting programs to the evolving world makes Vistula University an excellent choice for studying economics in Poland.

University of Economics in Katowice

Lastly, the final institution on our list is the University of Economics in Katowice (UE Katowice). Established in 1937, it’s a public university offering programs in Economics, Management and Finance, Information Science and Econometrics, and Logistics. With over 8,000 Polish and international students, it ranks among Poland’s top universities

UE Katowice fosters a vibrant academic environment in a bustling city, providing easy access to sports, culture, and academic events. Small class sizes ensure close teacher-student interaction, fostering academic growth and personal development. Moreover, internationalization is a priority, with proximity to three international airports facilitating travel for students and faculty. Consider studying economics in Poland at UE Katowice for a fulfilling educational journey in a dynamic setting.

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