The 10 Best Business Schools in Europe for International Students

In this guide, we’ll be unveiling the powerhouses of the European business education, highlighting their rankings, accreditation, and program options. From London to Paris, these institutions attract students from around the world seeking to enhance their business acumen, develop leadership skills, and expand their professional networks. Without further ado, let’s learn about the prestigious schools shaping the future of business in Europe.

SDA Bocconi Business School, Italy

The very first school in our list is a top business school in Italy but also in Europe and worldwide. SDA Bocconi Business School started to exist in 1971 in the premises of the University of Bocconi, which has more than a century of history behind it. The business school therefore has inherited the university’s entrepreneurial values and academic excellence. 

Moreover, it’s located in the center of Milan, one of Europe’s biggest cultural and economic hub. SDA’s campus therefore offers a dynamic and highly international environment for aspiring entrepreneurs. It also has its name pinned in prestigious international rankings such as Forbes, The Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek and Financial Times. 


Over the years, SDA Bocconi has earned the trust of managers and leaders worldwide, when it comes to business administration training. The institution has built its reputation through a learning approach that emphasizes on innovation. Its goal is to foster change and transformation in individuals and organizations through the programs it offers. This includes programs in English that focus on global market trends. 

Among the course offering, SDA has several master programs across various fields such as arts management, entrepreneurship, fashion, finance and marketing. The institution’s MBA courses include Full-time MBA, Executive MBA and Global Executive MBA. Moreover, the institution provides research programs as well as open, online and custom executive programs to cater different executive career goals. 


To add to the school’s global recognition, SDA Bocconi is the first in Italy to hold the prestigious “triple crown” accreditation for business schools: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. This accreditation is held by only a few business schools in Europe and worldwide. This is a further testimony of the outstanding quality of its academic offering.

Learn more about SDA Bocconi Business School by visiting its official website. 

London Business School, UK

The second in our list is a business school that needs no further introduction. London Business School’s reputation speaks for itself, as it’s not only one of the best in Europe but also internationally – 6th in the world to be exact. The institution has 2 campuses, one in London and one in Dubai. And the UK site is conveniently located in proximity to London’s financial district, the City. 

In terms of achievement, LBS’s MBA program has been number 1 in the Forbes rankings. The same goes for its master in Management in the UK and master in Finance in the world, as per the Financial Times rankings. Of course, the same figures reflect in terms of graduate employability more than 90% of which being international from over 100 countries. Not only, the institution produces the world’s most employable business school graduates, but 94% of them find employment within 3 months of graduation. 


LBS’s program offering include MBA, EMBA and master’s degrees in various fields such as management science, financial analysis, leadership and strategy, etc. 

Moreover, the institution offers PhD pathways in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management science to name just a few. Apart from these traditional academic offers, the school also provides online courses and an entrepreneurship summer school program.

Lastly, London Business School offers executive education courses to cater different career stages. There are programs for individuals and for organizations which cover various areas. This includes courses in general management, AI, digital transformation, leadership, strategy, HR, or marketing to name just a few.


LBS stands out not only through its prestigious programs, but also through the external recognition it holds. And like any other business schools of its standing, the institution is among the few in Europe to hold the triple accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. This attests the institution’s adherence to international standards and the quality of the management education it provides through engagement, innovation, and impact.

Check out the business school’s official website for more. 

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IE Business School, Spain

The third in our list of the best business schools in Europe has been established in 1973 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – present and future ones. Over the years, the school has committed itself to foster a mindset of innovation, entrepreneurship and diversity. Located in Madrid’s financial district, IE Business school also has earned its name through its dedication to sustainability. That’s how the school has been named as Europe’s first carbon-neutral university in 2023. 

Moreover, the institution has also managed over the years to remain in the top rankings in Europe and globally for its MBA programs. In terms of innovation, IE has inaugurated its first virtual learning unit in 2002. And since its online MBA has taken top spot in the world as per the Financial Times 2024 rankings. All this testifies of the school’s quality offering, whether academic, teaching method and learning environment for its students. 


Program listings at IE Business School include BBA (Bachelor’s in Business Administration) and in other field. It also offers BBA + double degree where students can study data and business analytics, design, laws, international relations etc. along with their BBA. 

The same goes with the institution’s MBA dual degrees. Moreover, MBA offers include International MBA, Global Online MBA and EMBA programs. Other master’s degree courses at IE Business School specialize in finance, management, business technology and analytics, marketing to name just a few.

Lastly, the school provides a DBA (Doctor in Business Administration) program as well as a PhD in Management.


IE’s international recognition is reflected in its 3 accreditations: EFMD EQUIS, MBAS and AACSB. These evidence the school’s relevance and effectiveness in providing the best training and programs in the world for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Find out more on IE Business School’s website. 

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HEC Paris, France

Another high-profile name among the top business schools in Europe is HEC Paris. It’s the best of the 5 French business schools that make it up to rankings of this kind, being number 3 in terms of research quality. The institution has been offering business education since its foundation in 1881 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris. It specializes in management sciences education and research. 

As for rankings, it holds the top position from the Financial Times for its Master in Management program. The same goes for its Master in Strategic Management in the QS World University Rankings. Moreover, HEC Paris has been the very first business school in France to hold the triple accreditation AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB. 

Study Programs

HEC Paris offers 3 types of MBA programs: MBA, EMBA for senior managers and executives. The last one is Trium Global Executive MBA for executive managers operating in an international context. All three programs are in English. 

Moreover, for bachelor’s programs, there is a double program, Bachelor in Data, Society and Organizations, provided in partnership with Bocconi University. Master’s programs cover various areas such as international finance, accounting, management, strategic management, marketing and so on.

And of course, there are the research and doctoral programs in areas like accounting and management control, economics and decision sciences, finance or information systems and operations management.

Find out more on HEC Paris’ official website

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University of Cambridge, Judge Business School – UK

The next in our ranking is Cambridge University’s business school, which started to exist in 1990. Its original name was Judge Institute of Management Studies, which first purpose was to provide management teaching and research within the university. It has since grown to become one of the best business schools, not only in Europe but also worldwide. 

When it comes to achievements and recognition, Cambridge Judge has ranked 29th globally and 2nd in the UK for its MBA program. Its EMBA program also reached the world’s top 40 as per the Financial Times rankings. The same classification ranks its Master of Finance as 2nd in the world in 2022 for post-experience master of finance courses. Lastly, it has the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) accreditation.

Study Programs

Cambridge Judge Business School offers a wide range of programs covering everything management, business and entrepreneurship and finance. The school therefore provides an MBA and EMBA program, as well as an executive master in accounting. Other master’s programs span various fields such as finance, management, social innovation, entrepreneurship as well as technology policy.

Moreover, the institution also offers research masters as well as a doctor in business management degree program. Lastly, the school has several undergraduate programs and PhD pathways in accounting, finance, marketing, etc.

Find out more by visiting the business school’s website.

Saïd Business School – University of Oxford, UK

Following is another institution from the UK, at another prestigious university. Oxford University has in fact ranked as 1st in the world for the eight consecutive year from the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Moreover, the university is 4th globally for accounting and finance and 9th for business and management programs. Another argument in favor of Saïd Business School’s strong academic reputation is its external recognition. The school therefore holds an AACSB and EQUIS accreditations.

Study Programs

Saïd Business School commits to offer its student a transformative learning experience through its program offering. The curriculum therefore put a focus on a holistic approach to business administration. And this includes ethics, leadership and social impact component in its content. 

The school provides 15 program courses, including MBAs, dual degree MBA, and executive MBA. Several undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs cover areas such as economics, law, finance or management. Lastly, the school provides several executive education programs for managers and executives.

Check the school’s official website for more. 

IESE Business School, Spain

The next institution in our list is another Spanish prestigious business school, which roots date back to 1958 in Barcelona. IESE started as a school dispensing education for executives and today, the institution has expanded to have campuses in Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, New York and São Paulo. But it has not lost sight of its original goal, since the school ranks today in the second position for executive education, as per the Financial Times rankings. According to the same ranking, its MBA program is ranked #3 globally. Lastly, IESE Barcelona holds the AACSB and EQUIS business schools accreditations. 

Study Programs

IESE’s program offering include MBA, EMBA and Global EMBA courses. Moreover, the school provides MiM (Master in Management) and MRM (Master of Research in Management) programs. As for the executive education, options such as AI, Foundation of Scaling or Sustainability and ESG courses are available. 

Find out more on IESE’s official website.

ESADE Business School, Spain

ESADE is the third Spanish business schools in our ranking. It boasts more than 60 years of history, as it started to exist in 1958. It has been founded by leaders for leaders and since has become a top global hub for management and business education. Being a very international business school, ESADE aims to train leaders with a vision for sustainability and development, and innovation and social commitment. That’s how the institution ranks first in the world for the international experience, according to The Economist, and second for diversity as per the QS ranking. Moreover, it holds the 4th place for executive education as per the Financial Times ranking. 

Study Programs

ESADE’s academic offering include several bachelor’s degree in business administration (BBA) and in various specialities such as law, global governance or transformational leadership and social impact. 

Master’s programs include a full-time MBA program, which ranks among the top 20 globally and the 6th best non-US by the Financial Times. The institution also offers an Executive MBA program available in 4 options (hybrid, monthly, weekly, Madrid). Students can study whether in 100% English or in bilingual English + Spanish. Moreover, MSc programs specialize in various business and management areas like business analytics, digital business, finance, sustainability management, etc. 

And like other business schools in this ranking, ESADE also offer executive education, PhD programs as well as summer school. 

Learn more about the institution, its programs and other important details here

INSEAD Business School, Fontainebleau –  France

INSEAD is a longtime player among the best business schools in Europe, since it has started to exist in the 1950s. It stands out with its dedication to academic experience, diversity, global reach and adaptability to the fast-paced business environment. The institution aims to promote entrepreneurship through innovation, risk-taking and creativity among its students. It has therefore managed to rank as 4th European business schools by the Bloomberg Businessweek. Moreover, its Global MBA program ranks 2nd as per the Financial Times in 2023. The same ranking places INSEAD’s executive education as the 3rd globally. 

Study Programs

Full-time courses at INSEAD include a master in management and a MBA. Executive masters include a Global EMBA, 2 executive master’s programs in Finance and in change and a joint EMBA program with Tsinghua University in China. And lastly, there is a PhD program in management. 

Find out more by visiting the institution’s website

IMD Business School, Lausanne – Switzerland

IMD’s origins date back to after World War II, when business executives recognized the need of a good leadership for societal peace and prosperity. And for 75 years, IMD has been training and producing business leaders. And it did so through a combination of Swiss excellence with cultural diversity and international awareness. That’s how the school has earned a triple crown accreditation in 2004 as well as a recognition from the Swiss Accreditation Council in 2022. It’s also ranked among the finest business schools in Europe and in the world by influential publications for their MBA and executive education programs. 

Study Programs

IMD offers a full-time MBA program along with an Executive MBA and a M.Sc. in sustainable management and technology. Its MBA program ranks 3rd in Europe as per the latest Bloomberg Businessweek Ranking. The Financial Times also ranks the same program #1 worldwide for criteria related to Faculty with PhD, international faculty, and international students.

The institution offers as well executive education programs in various areas such as general management, digital transformation and AI, finance and banking, leadership, innovation, and more. Alongside these “traditional” course offering, the school also provides online study programs and certificate programs for executive. 

Learn more about IMD Business School and the programs it offers.  

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