Costs of studying and living in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the least expensive European countries which makes it one of the best options for studying abroad in Europe. Get to know the costs of studying and living in Ukraine.

Cost of living in Ukraine

To live comfortably while you are all over Ukraine, you will need about $ 1,200 to $ 1,500 a year for living costs plus tuition fees.
The cost of living in Ukraine is low compared to many other European cities. Due to differences in student lifestyle, it is difficult to give an accurate figure.

Here are some approximate costs:

Housing in Ukraine

Housing is one of the major costs of studying and living in Ukraine. The price of the apartments depends on the city, the size of the apartment, and its location (center or suburb). You can rent a one-room apartment for $ 100 away from the center. Or even in the midst of small towns.

The cost of the apartment depends on the condition of the repair of the apartment and furniture. Students are strongly recommended to determine the presence of furniture before renting an apartment. Most students live in an inn and do not pay more than $ 70 a month, while students who rent an apartment usually do not pay more than $ 150 (it all depends on your needs).

The most expensive cities are Kiev and Odessa. The cheapest are: Lviv, Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk. Cities like Kherson, Mykolaiv, Poltava, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Chernivtsi will be less expensive than other cities.

Transportation in Ukraine

If you live in a university house, you will not need to use transportation to reach college. To move to another part of the city, transportation is very low in Ukraine.

  • A single ticket costs only for local transportation (buses, trams, subway, wagons, etc.) from $ 0.4 to $ 0.7.
  • Monthly subway cards start from 8 to 12 USD (there are some different types of cards).
  • Taxi costs from $ 2 to $ 3, plus $ 0.45 per kilometer (starting at 5 km).

Food and clothing in Ukraine

Ukraine is an agricultural country with many culinary traditions. If you love to cook, you will surely learn a lot of interesting and delicious recipes. Ukrainians rarely order pizza and fast food at home.
Locals often buy food on the market, as it is very convenient. However, the student is advised not to do this immediately after their stay, as you will not have enough experience and it is easy to deceive you in the market. This is why it is best to use large supermarkets for retail sales, as the price is low and shopping is much easier.
The most famous supermarkets in Ukraine that you can find everywhere, are:

Prices of some necessary products

  • Milk (1 liter): $ 0.5 / $ 0.9
  • White bread: $ 0.35 / $ 0.5
  • Rice (1kg): $ 0.8 / $ 1.1Egg of chicken (10): $ 0.9 / $ 1
  • Potatoes (1 kg): $ 0.4 / $ 1 USD (depends on time of the year).


Good quality jeans cost from 10 to 20 USD, and T-Shirts cost from 5 to 12 $.

Study costs for both English and Ukrainian (annually)

Average tuition fees for the English language

  • Engineering courses: $ 2,300
  • Computer science: $ 2,300
  • Business and Finance: $ 2000
  • Social sciences: $ 2500
  • Medicine = $ 4,200 $ 4200
  • Postgraduate courses: $ 3000

The average tuition fee for the Ukrainian language

  • Preparatory language course: $ 1,300.
  • Engineering courses: $ 1500.
  • Computer science: $ 1500.
  • Business and Finance: $ 1500.Social sciences: $ 1500.
  • Medicine: $ 3,500
  • Postgraduate courses: $ 3000.

Educational supplies

Stationery costs are as low as:

  • A set of 1000 approximate papers costing $ 2.
  • Ballpoint pens, pencils, and other products are also affordable.
  • Books: Textbooks are provided by the university’s libraries.

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