The higher education system of Ukraine

The higher education system of Ukraine

The structure of the higher education system in Ukraine is based on the education systems of the world developed countries according to the recommendations of UNESCO, the United Nations, and other international organizations.

Higher education in Ukraine

Higher educational institutions for the higher education system of Ukraine exist since in the seventeenth century, and even after that these institutions attracted students from all over the world. Teachers and experts with expertise, a wide diversity of disciplines and European standards of quality all make Ukrainian education popular among students all over the world.

The system of higher education in Ukraine

Ukrainian diplomas are recognized in the world, as is the level of teaching in them which is greatly appreciated by foreign employers.
Professionals with higher education are prepared by about 180 higher education institutions. There are state universities, and several types of private property institutions in Ukraine, as follows:

Universities, academies, institutions, and conservatories. The university (academy) can be granted a “national” status if it receives outstanding achievements in research activities.

Educational activities on the territory of Ukraine are carried out by higher education institutions on the basis of licenses, and the condition for obtaining the received licenses is the conformity of the university with the high standards set by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The higher education institution has the right to issue a diploma in higher education only in accredited majors, and the major is considered accredited if the level of teaching in this field meets state and European requirements.

Foreign students in Ukraine

Foreign citizens are admitted to universities in Ukraine on the basis of interviews, and upon closer examination of previous education documents. The requirements for the level of foreign applicants’ degrees are determined by each university separately.

All educational institutions can provide education for all types of training programs in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”. Ukrainian universities offer the following degrees:

  • Bachelor: The Bachelor is prepared on the basis of a full general secondary education (the duration of study is 4 years). Graduates who have successfully passed state exams receive a bachelor’s degree. Which gives the right to work on the studied profession, and the right to be accepted into the master’s degree program.
  • Master: The study of a Master’s degree is possible based on the Bachelor’s degree (the course period is 1-2 years). Graduates receive a state certificate, which includes an overview of graduate work. Those who have successfully passed a state degree receive a master’s degree, which gives them the right to work in the profession and the right to be admitted to graduate studies.
  • Doctorate: A degree that is received upon completion of a graduate course. A person with a master’s degree can be admitted to the university’s postgraduate department. Receiving a Ph.D. degree involves an overview of the thesis (course duration 3-6 years).

Programs for foreign students in Ukraine

International students have the opportunity to study in more than 240 institutions of higher education and obtain specializations in various scientific fields.

Every year, higher education institutions welcome students from more than 150 countries. Foreigners can register in higher education institutions with accredited educational programs in the following ways:

  • First: twice a year for bachelors, bachelors and master’s degrees. Before the beginning of the first semester and at the beginning of the semester, until November 1 until March 1, respectively.
  • Second: During the year for postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, clinical studies, medical residency, preparatory college program, and academic mobility program.

Teaching language:

Ukrainian higher education institutions offer courses in Ukrainian, Russian or English.

Completing studies after a master’s degree in Ukraine

The student who has successfully completed the appropriate education (research) program and obtained a certificate, obtains a diploma in higher education with a degree indicator.

An integral part of the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees and is an attachment to European standards.

If a student obtains a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree outside Ukraine and wishes to continue his studies at a Ukrainian university, he must confirm his diploma at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

It is called a process of confirmation (Nostrification) and includes a complete analysis of the topics that it has successfully passed.

Then the Ministry submits a report that the level of education corresponds to the appropriate level in Ukraine, and the student can be admitted to the desired program.

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