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French is a very important language in Morocco. It is still considered the business, science, and medicine language on a large scale. Schools in Morocco realized the importance of providing many options to students willing to learn French, so there is no shortage of programs and teaching methods.

There are two main ways to learn the French language in Morocco: through an intensive program or as a part of a higher education institution.

French in Universities

Universities tend to combine the French courses with discussions about culture, religion, history, and politics. Mostly, French courses that are given in the universities in Morocco take the form of traditional educational programs.

They are accompanied by daily lessons, activities, and meetings, including the fees of one program.

Intensive Language Programs

When it comes to the intensive French programs in Morocco, you are expected to spend not less than 20 hours per week in the semester.

Most of the intensive programs will not be similar to those study programs abroad which offer various topics. Instead of this, it is probable that they will focus on learning French only, with no other additions, such as the campus events or accommodation places.

Language students are likely to choose these programs according to their accommodation places. But they will still be able to choose between other activities to complete their linguistic learning.

Language Proficiency

To achieve language proficiency, expect to spend a few months learning French in Morocco. Since French is not an official language, you may take a longer time than what you could take in other French-speaking countries.

As a bonus, during this time, you can also be proficient in Arabic as well.

When searching for an apartment in Morocco, try to find a way to stay with French speakers. In such a way, you will continue to learn French even outside the classrooms. You can also learn the dialect that you will not find in the school books.

Can I learn French in Morocco?

When it comes to languages, Morocco is a country where many languages are spoken. And if you are looking for a place to learn French outside of France, you can do it in Morocco while enjoying a year-round mild climate and experiencing the country’s distinctive heritage and rich culture. 

And since around 32% of the population are fluent in French, you will have plenty of opportunities to not only learn but practice and experience French in Morocco. Moreover, the costs for having a one-to-one tutor who can adjust their lessons to your needs and level of language are certainly cheaper than in France. 

Also, teachers in Morocco have the required qualifications that are necessary to teach French in France. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the courses. Add to that the lower costs of living, and you have the perfect destination for your language study. 

And to help you to further immerse in the French language, Morocco hosts several cultural events, theater performances, book presentations, film presentations, in French, throughout the year.

What Type of Course Are You Looking For?

Whether you are a student, business professional, or a traveler, you will find a language course in Morocco that suits you. There are French courses available for all the proficiency levels, ages, and duration. You just have to choose the course that suits you.

General French Courses

The general French courses are designed for adults who wish to enhance their French-speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Most of the general French courses are for adults age 16 years and above. You will find courses from two to 48 weeks, with an average of 30 classes per week.

Business French Courses

The business French courses are designed for the businessmen and professionals who want to learn French as quickly as possible. They come with special lessons and a private tutor.

Learn French in Rabat at Sprachcaffe Morocco

Sprachcaffe is a language school in Morocco, based in Rabat, the country’s capital city. It offers French and Arabic language courses in the form of a: 

  • 3h a week group course
  • 15h a week standard course
  • 22h 30 a week intensive course
  • flexible 1h 30 or more hours per week, one-to-one individual course

This school is an interesting choice for students who want to study French at their own pace. They aim at improving their students’ language skills, enabling them to communicate easily and efficiently in French.

Get more info on Sprachcaffe Morocco’s website 

Learn French in Marrakech

If you have decided to settle in Marrakech in Morocco, you have the option to study at Idealog Marrakech. The language school provides French, English, Arabic, Spanish and German language courses. Along with intensive courses, they offer individual, business, and even online programs for all levels. 

Learn more on the website of Idealog Marrakech

For cities and regions that don’t have any specialized language schools, you can always study French at any French Institutes in the country. To sum everything up, ways to learn French in Morocco are numerous. You just have to find which option is the best for you, but you can be sure that you will get all the weapons in hand to master the French language by the end of your stay in Morocco.

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