Student Accommodation in Switzerland

Most of the Swiss universities have special buildings for international student accommodation in Switzerland, who live far away from the city of study.

They also manage residences that they rent for the students who have an entry visa and residence permit, as mentioned in previous articles.

How much does it cost to rent a room in Switzerland as a student?

The international students enjoy subsidized prices by the university, in case they choose to stay within the range of the campus.

Usually, the price ranges from 350 to 500 Euros per month, according to the additions the student may need. Living inside the university campus has many benefits, such as:

  • Being near the university facilities, which saves transport expenses.
  • Living with other students, which is good for the students, especially in their first years.
  • Investing time in studying.

Note: Students who are willing to stay within the university campus have to file a request once they receive the admission letter from the university. This is because university dormitories usually have very limited places.

Moreover, most of the higher education institutions in Switzerland have accommodation offices or international offices that work on providing all info about the accommodation options. This way, international students can choose their best option.

There are also university billboards, that you can find everywhere. These help the international students to search for accommodation.

You can also check online, such as the website of Green Acres that helps the students to search by city.

Other Student Accommodation Options in Switzerland

Room in the Youth Residences

Prices range from 600 to 900 Euros per month. This price is for a small room with its utilities. Prices vary according to the student’s requirements and needs, such as the internet, satellite channels, and others.

Staying With a Family

Some international students prefer renting a room in a Swiss family house. It is a chance to try the Swiss culture and blend with the Swiss people. In general, the average price for staying with a family range between 450 and 600 Euros, according to the number of meals agreed on by both sides.

Shared Apartment

This is a good choice after the second year of study when the student starts to know the country and the culture of its people.

The student can then stay with some friends and distribute the rent among them. Note that the contract should include all the flatmates’ names, to avoid any future problems. The cost of such an option ranges from 500 to 900 Euros per month.

One-Room Studio

In Switzerland, you can find the one-room apartments. These are being rented to the students from other cities, international students, or the employees.

The cost of these studios ranges from 650 to 800 Euros per month.

Private Apartment

The cost of the two-bedroom apartment with utilities ranges between 1,000 to 1,200 Euros per month.

Moreover, the three-bedroom apartment with utilities is priced at 1,500 Euros or more. These prices do not include other services, such as heating and others. They differ according to the location.

Learn also how much is the cost of living for student in Switzerland 

Student housing in different cities in Switzerland: Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne, …

Basel, Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva are the most expensive cities for student accommodation in Switzerland. In Zurich and Geneva, student housing monthly rent ranges between 1,700 CHF to 5,000 CHF. In Lausanne, if you can’t find a place in the city’s student village, accommodation will cost you between 1,500 CHF and 2,800 CHF. Moreover, in Basel, the prices are lower, since a shared housing will cost around 1,400 CHF to 2,600 CHF.

If you study in Zurich, you can check websites like to find a student housing. For the other student cities, you can also check this website to find housing in Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Geneva and a few others.

Important Notes

  • Do not forget to read the contract thoroughly when signing a lease of an apartment or room. It should be signed by all parties.
  • There are two types of Swiss contracts: some are of fixed duration. It expires by the end of the duration. It could be renewed after the consent of all the parties. Other contracts are without a fixed duration and renewed automatically unless one party requested cancellation.
  • An amount of money is being deposited as a guarantee for the owner. This sum is equivalent to a one-month rent or as per the agreement between the parties. This deposit is refunded upon leaving the apartment, unless damage has occurred. Then both parties agree on the refunded amount.
  • The rental agreement ends by the end of the duration agreed upon, unless the tenant wanted to leave the apartment before that. In this case, the latter has to bring another tenant to take his/her place.
  • In Switzerland, there is the tenants’ association to protect their rights. You can join it for a simple annual amount of money.

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