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The hospitality industry is a dynamic sector that encompasses many fields such as hotel management, tourism, event management, real estate, restaurant, health and wellness. It’s an ideal first career choice for students who want to work in an ever-evolving industry that offers excellent opportunities for career advancement in an international environment. And attending one of the hospitality schools in Switzerland is a chance of the lifetime, since the country is the world’s leader in hotel management education. 

Read further to find out why and where you should study hospitality management in Switzerland. 

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Why is Switzerland the best country to study hospitality?

The Global QS university rankings states that Switzerland has the best schools and programs in hospitality management in the world. Being able to attend a Swiss hospitality management school will give you access to a five-star education. But it also will open the door to work in leading hospitality companies in less time that you would in other circumstances. And these are just the beginning of the long list of reasons why you should study hospitality management in Switzerland. 

Being a center of international tourism, Switzerland has a well-developed hospitality industry. The country is home to world-class hotels, some of the finest ski resorts in the world and many Michelin-starred restaurants. Those who study in this field in the country then have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this industry. They can as well build strong professional networks while still at school. 

Moreover, when it comes to hospitality schools, 7 of the top 10 in the world are all located in Switzerland. In other words, this is the home country of hospitality education. And getting the chance to study in one of these institutions is not just an advantage but the chance of a lifetime. This longstanding reputation also comes from the fact that the very first hospitality school in Switzerland has come into existence more than a hundred years ago. 

Add to that the tradition of excellence of the education overall in Switzerland. Not only you’d gain the skills that are indispensable in your field of study, but you’ll develop in-demand skills employers look for in candidates. This includes upper-level management skills, leadership, teamwork, finance and accounting, marketing, design thinking to name just a few. 

Degrees in hospitality and hotel management in Switzerland

To give you a scope on what to look for when choosing the right hospitality school for you, we’ve collected info on the degrees, qualification and the possible content of each degree course. It’s worth mentioning that the field of hospitality in general features subjects such as management, marketing, event management, tourism etc. It’s as various as wide so buckle up as we break out what you would learn at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in hospitality schools in Switzerland. 

Bachelor in hotel management in Switzerland 

Students who are looking for an undergraduate degree in hospitality management should expect to learn all the aspects of hotel management. They will get the theoretical knowledge at school and the practical ones during internships. Basically, programs should be the perfect combination of academic rigor and professional experience. 

They will develop skills needed to work in hotel management, accounting and finance, corporate office. This also includes any field that would make use of their sales and marketing, finance and accounting and leadership skills. 

Master’s degree in hospitality management

This is the stairway to the top as students will learn all the topics related to hotel operations, financial, operational and people management, strategy and leadership, sales and marketing, asset management, event management etc. The same way as for undergraduate studies, postgraduate students will also receive education combining academic courses and practice through internships. 

Whether it is at undergraduate or postgraduate levels, hospitality schools in Switzerland offer their students some interesting internship placements. Also lectures in the classroom usually include lectures from experts in the industry. Moreover, students also get access to an alumni network that proves to be extremely helpful for their future career advancement.

How much does it cost to study hospitality in Switzerland?

Being highly regarded as the best place in the world to study hospitality management, studying the subject in Switzerland is costly. Hospitality management school fees vary depending on the institution and the type of program. 

Usually, a bachelor’s degree will cost approximately between CHF 20,000 and CHF 30,000 per semester. A master’s degree on the other hand costs between CHF 30,000 and CHF 80,000 for the duration of the program. Moreover, some institutions, like EHL, have some scholarship programs that help students cover part of these high study fees. 

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What are the best hospitality schools in Switzerland?

Hospitality management schools in Switzerland have this in common: their commitment to excellence in giving students the best start as they step foot in the industry. Starting with cutting-edge facilities, a real-life work training through internships and experience placements, career support and service for newly graduates. 

Students also gain access to a vibrant alumni network, following a great campus life. And lastly, since studying hospitality in Switzerland is not cheap, students are ensured to have a return on investment as they have the highest employability rate with the most attractive beginner’s salary at the end of their studies. 

Here are some of the best hospitality schools to check out in Switzerland:

EHL Hospitality Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland

When talking about hospitality schools in Switzerland, EHL is most of the time the first institution that comes to mind. It’s the ultimate ambassador of the traditional Swiss hospitality, which offers education in the field since 1893. And the EHL Group is a global reference when it comes to education, innovation and consulting in the field of hospitality and service. 

The school has 2 campuses in Switzerland: in Lausanne and in Chur-Passugg; and one international campus in Singapore. Students who graduated from EHL are among the most-sought in the field. This grants the school an employment rate of 96% within 6 months after graduation. 

Moreover, the EHL Hospitality Business School also has been the number one hospitality and leisure school in the world. And it’s the case since 2019 as per the QS World University Rankings. It also ranks number 5 in Switzerland in Business and Management studies. The school’s amazing innovation when it comes to teaching from theoretical to practical and real-world business training has earned it these rankings among the best on the planet! 

Find out more about the school, the program it offers and more by visiting EHL’s website

Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)

The second in our ranking of the best hospitality schools in Switzerland also ranks 3rd globally. It’s another institution which has gained international recognition in the hospitality industry. And SHMS believes in the principle of learning by doing for its students. The institution combines Switzerland’s rich heritage in hospitality with innovative and avant-garde learning tools.

The Swiss Hotel Management School also receives funding from leading hospitality companies. This allows them to offer hospitality management programs at bachelor’s and master’s levels. Courses at SHMS focus on offering practical education. They aim at equipping their students to become hospitality leaders while giving them the abilities they need to get noticed by potential employers. 

Lastly, the Swiss Hotel Management School is the first hospitality school in the world and first higher education institution in Switzerland to receive the “Apple Distinguished School” recognition. It’s a distinction that rewards the most innovative schools in the world in using technology to support learning goals.

There is much more to say about SHMS, so visit their website to find out more. 

Glion Institute of Higher Education in Montreux

Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, the Glion Institute of Higher Education opened its door in 1962. It currently ranks number 4 in the QS World University Ranking among the institutions offering professional education in the field of hospitality and luxury management. Glion also has established its spot among the finest in the world, providing some of the most sought-after hotel management programs on the planet. 

All other figures speak for themselves. 98% of the graduates from Glion get a job offer at some of the industry’s lead companies in the world. Employment rate for graduates also tops up at 94% after receiving customized career support while still at school. Students also are provided with business education through academic rigor, practical skills and professional internships. Altogether aim to produce highly-skilled professional, equipped and ready to face the modern global economy.

Find out more about the programs and benefits of Glion Institute of Higher Education

Les Roches Hospitality Management School

Another world-leading institution in its field, the third among the best hospitality schools in Switzerland is Les Roches. Being operational since the 50s, it’s also one of only 3 Swiss universities who have the accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Les Roches is also a 5-star institution, ranking number 5 globally for hospitality and leisure management education. 

Moreover, thanks to the quality of education, graduates from the school 94% get employment offers from prestigious brands on graduation day. On the other hand, ⅓ of them become entrepreneurs. In fact, the institution not only train its students in the field of hospitality management, it also stands out by helping their students develop an entrepreneurial mindset. This gives anyone who pursued academics at Les Roches the capacity to become their own bosses after their studies. 

Find out more by visiting the school’s website

IMI International Management Institute 

The International Management Institute is a private, family-owned hospitality management school in Switzerland. It ranks among the top 20 in the world. And it stands out for the fact that they deliberately remain small in order to provide personalized and individually-focused training to their students. So the school limits the number of students it welcomes at 220 per year. 

Existing since July 1991, the International Management Institute has since equipped students with everything needed to learn and excel in their field of specialization. There is also the possibility to take specific courses on traditions and cultures. On the same time, they would explore all the fields of hospitality and leisure management at bachelor’s and master’s level.  

IMI also prides over the fact that many of its graduates hold high-profile management positions all over the world. 

Learn more by visiting the International Management Institute’s website.

Cesar Ritz College 

The 6th in our list of the best hospitality management schools in Switzerland is also the 6th in the world. It also ranks 5th when it comes to academic reputation. Offering globally-recognized bachelor’s and master’s programs, the Cesar Ritz College holds accreditation from the International Center of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education and the Swiss Hotel School Association. 

Moreover, the institution has founded its courses on César Ritz’s philosophy, the founder of the Ritz-Paris Hotel, and carry out a legacy of elegance, hospitality and quality. With more than 40 years of experience, the Cesar Ritz fosters a culture of entrepreneurship, sustainability, inclusivity and practical learning in their students. 

Learn more about the Cesar Ritz College by visiting their website.

Hotel Institute Montreux 

The next institution in our list of the top hospitality schools in Switzerland is Hotel Institute Montreux. The institute also ranks number 7 globally. It also ranks number 5 for employer reputation and 9th for academic reputation. In other words, it’s another fantastic school for hospitality management studies. Hotel Institute Montreux has built its trademark on its innovative management style, blending an American-style business perspective with the traditional Swiss business strategy. It’s within that vision that the school partners with Northwood University in USA for its bachelor’s degree program. 

Along with a rigorous academic program, students are trained to develop not only industry key skills but also human-centered skills. The programs, internships and practical experience are set to preparing them for a life of success and to undertake any leadership positions in any sector after graduation. Moreover, students have access to a devoted team of career coaches as well as a unique networking opportunity. In fact, the Hotel Institute Montreux hosts one of the largest career events in Europe, the International Recruitment Forum (IRF). It’s a great opportunity for students to get in touch with industry experts from all over the world. 

Find out more by visiting the institution’s website.

HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland 

The HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute was first established as a private school in 1990 in the UK. But then for tactical reasons, in order to compete with Swiss hospitality schools, the institute relocated in Sörenberg, Switzerland in 1999. HTMi has since grown to rank in the top 15 best hospitality management schools in the world. It’s an institution that stands by the motto: “Come as a student, become a manager”. In other words, students are trained for a management career in leading companies in the hospitality industry and elsewhere. 

What’s more: HTMi aims to become to be a wordly leading institution in hospitality management. That’s why the institution has 5 centers for excellence where students get the opportunity to research, study and get training in all the aspects of the hotel and tourism industry. It includes: the School of International Hotel and Tourism Management, the International Hospitality Research Center, the International Center for Events Management Training, and the Center for Culinary Management. 

Lastly, the institute has beside their Switzerland campus, 6 other campuses: in Australia, China, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Mauritius and Saudi Arabia. 

Find out more by visiting the website of HTMi.

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