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Study in Morocco for Foreign Students

Study in Morocco for foreign students

If you were looking for a unique university experience, you may be fascinated by the study program in Morocco. From the geographical side, Morocco is distinguished by its high and marvelous Atlas Mountains, a view on the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, and the Sahara Desert. All of this make …

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Work in Russia During Study and After Graduation

Work in Russia after graduation

Russia is one of the Group of Eight. It includes the major industrial countries in the world, regarding the strength of the international scene and offering great job opportunities to the graduates. As for international students, the job market in Russia is not quite prosperous, as in other countries. However, …

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Top 5 Universities in Morocco

Top universities in Morocco

Twenty-two Moroccan academic institutions are among the most renown universities. Here you are some of the top universities in Morocco for international students. Mohammed V University The university was founded in 1957 as per a royal decree by King Mohammed V, Sultan of Morocco. In 2015, the Institute for World …

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5 top Scholarships in Russia for 2022-2023

Scholarships in Russia

If you are interested in studying in Russia, you made the right decision. Russia is the world’s largest country in the area. It has a significant number of world-renowned universities. Russia became a destination for many international students each year. After discussing the cost of studying and living in Russia, …

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The higher education system in Russia

Studying Masters in Russia

Russia is among the most attractive destinations for postgraduate students from all over the world. Learn below what makes the higher education system in Russia one of the strongest in the world. It also gives the student an international experience, as it is a country of power. That’s why studying …

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