Work in Russia During Study and After Graduation

Russia is one of the Group of Eight. It includes the major industrial countries in the world, regarding the strength of the international scene and offering great job opportunities to the graduates. As for international students, the job market in Russia is not quite prosperous, as in other countries. However, there is available work in Russia after graduation for the international student.

Can international students work in Russia?

Previously, the Russian government was not allowing foreign students to work while studying in Russia. But, with the increasing numbers of international students coming to Russia and increased economic activity, the Russian authorities have taken a new procedure to grant a special work permit to foreign students.

This procedure is not only to enable international students to work legally, but also to be able to get the necessary professional experience in the Russian companies.

Work Permit for Foreign Students in Russia

Work permits are only issued for full-time students in the universities that have state accreditation. All the government universities and most of the private ones have this accreditation.

However, the student’s work has to be the same as it is in the work permit and within the area or city of the university where he/she studies.

Work Permit Validity for Foreign Students

Work permits for foreign students are valid for one year. They have to extend it after the end of the year. In case the student dropped out, the work permit would be canceled.

As for changing the place of work during the permit’s validity, the student can do this easily without the need to get a new permit. The student shall only inform the migration service with the changes in no more than 7 days. 

What Are the Possible Post Study Job Options in Russia?

  • Some prevalent industries offer good job opportunities, such as wood, metal, natural gas and oil, banking, mobile technology, IT, and electronics.
  • Education: the teacher’s job is a good job and really required in Russia. The education of TOEFL is especially required, as it has a strong market in Russia. English language is among the languages that the natives want to learn. The teacher’s job is required in schools and big faculties in the cities and small towns. It is one of the available jobs for international students, especially in the capital Moscow or Saint Petersburg. In addition to your proficiency in the English language, you need to have good command of the Russian language as well. You may also get into partnership with Russian families to teach English for a few hours a week.

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  • Moreover, textile and farming are not the ideal places you should look for a job, as they are fast-declining industries in the country.

Is it easy to get jobs in Russia?

Applying for work in Russia after graduation is not different from other countries. You need to send a detailed C.V. to the advertised job. You should also attach a cover letter, which in some cases is more important than the C.V. itself.

Do not forget to mention the languages you know in your message, as it is important. Your qualifications and experience are important too. There are a few numbers of agencies that may help you a lot in your journey to get a job in Russia, such as Kelly Services Russia and Adecco Russia

Moreover, you can search more in the Russian yellow pages or even on the Russian websites, like this one.

Visa and Official Documents Required

All visas must be applied through the Russian embassy or consulate. This is because the Russian companies that employ foreign workers need a permit from the Ministry of Ethnic and Migration Policy.

You can obtain a work permit through the following steps: the relevant government department sends the permission to the employer to require a work permit. After that, the individual, who is willing to work, files a request to the Federal Migration Service with the following documents:

  • Complete application in Russian
  • Copy of passport
  • Official document equivalent to vocational education diploma in the Russian language
  • Medical certificate confirming the absence of diseases.

Who Can Work in Russia?

It is necessary for all the foreigners who are willing to work in Russia to obtain a work permit. It is issued from the Federal Migration Service. This comes after getting a work visa to take a job in Saint Petersburg or Moscow. There are some exceptions for people who do not need a work permit:

  • Who has a permanent residence permit in Russia
  • Those who work in a temporary job for a foreign country, such as the diplomatic mission, consulates, international organizations, and accredited media representatives.

If you are still a student in Russia and need work, check our article about study and work in Russia.

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