Why should you study abroad in Greece?

To study abroad in Greece is stepping into one of the most idyllic study destinations worldwide. This country at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa stands out as the place where antiquity and ancient civilization meet modernity. On one side, it’s the birthplace of academia, science, and democracy to name just a few. And on the other side, it’s a member of the European Union which, prompted by technological revolution, has fully embraced today’s economic, social, and academic globalization. 

There are many reasons why international students choose to pursue academics in Greece. With the postcard beauty of the place set aside, here is why you should consider Greece for your next study abroad experience. 

A rich historic and cultural heritage

Throughout history, Greece has been known for being the cradle of Western civilization. Despite the race to modernity and industrialization, the country still has most of this historical and cultural legacy preserved. By studying in Greece, you’ll immerse yourself into this rich remnant of history. 

On the other hand, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn science, philosophy or medicine. And you’ll do so at the place where all these subjects started to be taught and where the world as we know it today has begun. 

And in your free time you can enjoy and visit some of the most outstanding world heritage sites and wonderful monuments.

A longstanding academic tradition

Closely next to the cultural and historical legacy, Greece is also the birthplace of academia. It’s a place with a longstanding scholarly inquiry, like few other countries in Europe and the world. This somehow has led Greek universities to stand out by the quality of the education they dispense. 

On the same note, the country is and remains a vibrant research center whether you specialize in medicine, biology, archaeology. But this is true even for contemporary disciplines such as IT and computer engineering. 

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The lower cost of living and tuition fees

Even though the currency in the country is the Euro, the cost of living for students and expats in Greece remains relatively low compared to other European countries. It’s in fact among the most affordable countries for international students alongside Portugal, Spain or Italy

Therefore, Athens as well as Thessaloniki, are among the most accessible student cities in Europe and in the world. To give you a price range, you should expect to spend around €450 to €700 per month for living. This includes the accommodation cost. 

As for the tuition fees, non-European international students would pay between €1,500 and €9,000 per year on average. This depends on the type of subject as well as the study level.

We will get into more details in our guide on the cost of studying and living in Greece for international students.

Many international programs taught in English

In Greece, you’ll get the opportunity to easily combine studies or research with leisure and reflection. Moreover, the country has adopted the recent industrial revolution. And the following economic transformation has been infused in the fields of education and research as well. 

Also, internationalization efforts have led Greek universities to reshape their study program catalog. In that regard, more and more programs are in English from the undergraduate to doctorate level. In the same time, Greek HEI are developing their international network through collaboration with other institutions throughout the world. 

The warm weather all year long 

Another thing adds to the charm of Greece as a unique study abroad destination and that is the sunny weather. Due to the country’s geographical location, the climate of Greece is warm… all year long. 

During the summer, there is rarely to no rain for two to three months, while in winter, temperatures don’t drop below zero. It is rarely snowing, meaning there is always time for cultural, social and maybe professional activities all year long. 

A career opportunity at international companies before and after graduation

Whether you plan to start working in Greece during your study or after you graduate, you’re sure to find what you need. And the job market transformation that currently takes place in the country has a lot to do with that. 

Actually, there is now a high demand for English-speaking workforce in Greece in the last years, especially in the country’s growth sectors, such as tourism and shipping. Moreover, other emerging fields are also buzzing up in the country, generating even more diverse job opportunities for students as well as for newly graduates.  

The Greek people’s hospitality

If you go to study abroad in Greece, you’d understand very quickly that the word hospitality is taken to another level by the people. It’s described by the Greek word “Philoxenia”, which means literally “friend to a stranger” but it means way much more than the classic understanding of the word hospitality. 

It actually translates to the huge generosity and courtesy that Greeks have toward strangers. Don’t be surprised then if you’re in Greece for just days, and already feel like a member of their family! People are so warm and welcoming it will be very easy to bond with them and make new friends in a quite short time.   

Greece is a safe and secure country

Another criterion for international students when choosing a study abroad destination is safety. And Greece is one of the safest countries in Europe and in the world, which translates to a low rate of violent crimes. Moreover, as in any other countries, risks for your safety and to experience petty crimes are higher in big cities such as Athens and less likely to happen in rural zones. But there’s nothing that a good amount of common sense and safety measures can’t avoid.

The food

The last good reason to study in Greece has to be the wonderful culinary experience you’ll have with Greek cuisine! And there are so many and various specialties, but also the food is healthy and delicious. In fact, the diet in Greece is one of the main reasons the people have a long average life span, so it will only be advantageous to try it. This will be part of these unforgettable memories you’ll build up during the next few years you’ll spend during your study abroad stay in Greece.

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