How to Get a Student Visa for Norway

Many foreign students join study courses to obtain a degree in Norway. They also enjoy their stay in this wonderful country. If you want to join them, here you are what you will need to get a student visa for Norway or the student residence permit.

Before Applying to Get a Student Visa for Norway

If you want to get a graduate or postgraduate degree in Norway, then your stay in the country will exceed the three-month period, and you will need a student residence permit.

The first step to take to obtain a degree in Norway is to search for the desired program in a Norwegian university.

Once you receive your acceptance from the relevant university, it is time to prepare to get your residence permit.

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Who Needs to Get a Student Visa for Norway?

All international students need to get a student visa if they intend to study in Norway for more than three months.

If the student is coming from a country with a visa requirement for entering Norway.

Requirements and procedures for obtaining a student residence permit depend on your home country.

Requirements of a Norway Student Visa

To get a student visa for Norway, you have to be accepted first in one of the universities or colleges in Norway, After receiving the admission letter from the university, you have to contact the nearest Norwegian embassy or consulate for the required information about the procedures to get the study permit.

Then you have to apply with it from your home country with the student residence permit application form.

You have also to submit your passport, together with the following required documents.

  • A completed application form
  • Receipt of the application fee payment (NOK 3,200 equivalent to $320)
  • A valid travel document (i.e. passport)
  • Evidence of admittance to an approved full-time study program
  • Two recent passport-sized photos, with a white background
  • Evidence of having sufficient funds to cover the entire period of study, including funds to support any accompanying family. These funds shall be in a Norwegian bank account. Please note that it can be difficult to open an account in a Norwegian bank without a Norwegian personal number. So, usually you can deposit the funds in an account established by your educational institution.

Eligibility Criteria for a Student Visa for Norway

You have to prove that

  • You can pay up to NOK 111,657 for every academic year (10 months), that is equivalent to $13,000.
  • There is a place for you to stay in Norway, such as a house, apartment, bedroom, or a room in a dormitory.
  • You will leave the country after the expiration of your residence permit, usually in the form of a return ticket.
  • You have the completed and signed UDI (Directorate of Immigration in Norway) checklist, which you should print off and hand in along with your other documents

Learn more by visiting the UDI.

How long is the processing time for a student visa for Norway?

The student residence permit processing time may vary. It can take around two months.

So, it is advisable to submit your application as soon as possible. If your application was accepted, that means you will get a residence card, which will give you the right to live in Norway.

This card is issued by the local police in Norway, so you have to visit the police station within seven days of your arrival in the country.

The police will have your fingerprints and some photos for you. After that, they will send your residence card by post within 10 days.

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