10 Tips for International Students in Norway

Challenging yourself and benefiting from a new experience, in addition to getting a high-quality education, are some advantages you will get from studying in Norway. Here you are some tips for international students in Norway.

1- Check Your Budget

After you knew the costs of studying and living in Norway, you must have noticed that the costs there are expensive, including the rent (especially in Tromsø and Oslo), transportation, food, and everything you will need to live.

It might be easier now with the falling of the Krone price, but it is better to organize your financials before moving to Norway.

The country offers scholarships for international students to help them, so it is better to check with your university to know what scholarships they offer.

Check our articles about the costs of studying and living in Norway and types of scholarships in Norway.

2- Find a Place to Stay

If you were a student in one of the faculties of the Arctic University of Norway UiT, finding a place to stay might be a hard thing. This is because cities, such as Tromsø, do not have enough places for everybody who wants to live there.

Consequently, this makes the cost of accommodation expensive.

You have to try all possible solutions, starting from the student housing to renting a room with a roommate.

Make sure to rent a place that fits your budget, so that you do not end up with less than NOK 3,000 per month to live.

3- Join Social Events and Make New Friends

You will find it easy to blend in with the other international students in Norway, as you are all expats.

You may also meet some people from your country. Make new friends with the Norwegians.

It is not always easy, as they usually have their own group of friends. But, it is not impossible.

Try to blend in with them as much as possible. You will benefit a lot from such friendships.

4. Learn About the Norwegian Culture and History

You are very lucky to study in such a wonderful country. There are many interesting things about Norwegian culture.

Although Norway has not exceeded the 5 million population, this country has two national official languages and many dialects.

There are more dialects in Norway than its inhabitants. If you paid attention, you will find many interesting things to learn about Norway.

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5- Enjoy the Country

If your study period lasts for more than one year, you will be able to travel all over the country by bus.

You can go on a tour around the campus and the university area, either in Trondheim, Bergen, Tromsø, Oslo, or Longyearbyen.

You will be fascinated by the wonderful landscape.

Camp in the Wild: if you are a nature lover and have time, Norway allows you to camp in most of the forests for up to three days.

6- Learn the Norwegian Language

No matter how long you will stay in the country, it is important to learn the Norwegian language.

You will need it in your studies, especially that the number of programs offered in English is kind of limited. Moreover, you need to know the Norwegian language to understand what is going on around you, whether you are on a bus, train, or store.

It will make you feel that you are a part of the community.

7- Get Ready for the Winter

In general, the Norwegian weather is windy and unstable at all.

It is very important to consider this while you are preparing your bag to travel to Norway.

8- Do Not Forget to Study for Your Grades

Although Norway offers wonderful outdoor activities and the universities have many social events, try not to forget to study.

Prepare well for the exams to go back to your country with high grades, together with the rich cultural experience you acquired from staying in Norway.

9- Respect the Rules and Abide by Them

For your study abroad to be a wonderful and safe experience, it is important to respect the country’s rules and abide by them.

10- Check our Resources for International Students in Norway

Do some research on the internet to gather the necessary information. Ask on the website of your university.

Moreover, you will find a comprehensive guide to help international students in Norway on our website, check it to find all answers to your questions.

After presenting some tips for the international students in Norway, good luck and see you on another topic.

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