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Norway offers the highest standard of living in the world, in addition to its world-class higher education institutions that offer advanced research and computer facilities. More than 200 master’s programs are in English in a wide range of fields. Besides, Norway offers a very welcoming environment for the foreign students, which make the study experience in the country a very wonderful one. Today, we will discuss master study in Norway.

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How Much Does It Cost to Study a Master in Norway?

The Norwegian public universities and colleges do not charge fees on education, even for the international students.

However, there are usually some fees associated to student organizations that cost around EUR 40-80 per semester.

The private institutions impose fees that vary according to both of the school and program, so students have to check the selected institution.

In general, the master programs last from a year and half to two years to obtain a degree. Most of them require a research dissertation.

However, some programs only take one year.

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Visa Requirements for Master Study in Norway

  • Firstly, the foreign students have to acquire a student visa to be able to study in Norway.
  • Students from all the countries have to apply for a student residence permit at the Norwegian foreign mission in their country.
  • Students must submit applications in person.
  • All students must submit proof of health insurance and living expenses (NOK 95,000 per year), together with their residence papers or visa applications.
  • This is in addition to a proof of accommodation and that they have sufficient funds for their education, if they need to pay tuition fees.

Master Programs in Norway for international students

Each university and university college determine its admission conditions, based on the academic assessment of the applicants. The public universities offer master degrees that are fully-funded by the state.

This is in addition to a number of specialized colleges and tens of high-quality private colleges. The master programs enable the students to obtain their degrees in different disciplines, such as business, management, entrepreneurship, engineering, development studies, political sciences, and media and informatics.

You may spend at least one year studying master in Norway to obtain the degree, depending on the program and university. On the other hand, the part-time and online programs could take a long time.

The Norwegian universities offer many master degrees in different disciplines, including:

Master in International Business

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration

Duration: 2 years

The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) offers the master of international business, which is a specialized program.

It provides the students with the appropriate combination of analytical and practical skills to work in multinational companies.

Learn more on the Norwegian School of Economics’ website

Master in Theoretical Linguistics 

Degree: Master of Philosophy in Linguistics

Duration: 2 years

UIT the Arctic University offers the Master of Philosophy in Theoretical Linguistics. It covers graduate level studies in theoretical linguistics.

It is an extension of work at the bachelor’s level.

The program focuses on the formal aspects of grammar, in particular syntax and phonology.

Moreover, Students will develop insight into the structure of language, comparative aspects of linguistic research, social and geographic variation, and the historical development of languages and language acquisition. 

Learn more on the subject on the website of UIT the Arctic University

Master in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration

Duration: 2 years

The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) is one of the few colleges in the world that can offer this discipline in the field of business in the energy sector.

The program aims to educate the next generation of interdisciplinary managers in the fields of energy and natural resources. Graduates of this program are highly desired in the job market.

Master in accounting in Norway

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration

Duration: 2 years

You can study this Master’s Degree at the NHH Norwegian School of Economics. This program allows students to master areas of subject such as financial reporting, companies valuation and analysis, internal control and audit and tax and corporate law. The students will also acquire extensive and updated knowledge of accounting theories and empirical methods.

They also will gain the skills to resolve advanced accounting issues and will acquire a good understanding of accounting’s international frameworks. Moreover, students with this degree will gain the ability to professionally operate in an international setting.

Master in Architecture

Degree: International Master of Landscape Architecture

Duration: 2 years

This major in architecture and landscaping is offered by the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. It mainly focuses on design and research. 

The particularity of this Master program is that the courses are dispensed in a studio-based environment with multiple interactions with Scandinavian and international teachers, researchers and professionals. Moreover, this study context fosters creativity and knowledge sharing between students.

Find out more at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design

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