7 Reasons why you should Study in Turkey

Why Study in Turkey in 2020?

Why study in Turkey, you ask? It’s simple! There are so many reasons why you should study in Turkey which we can’t talk about them all, however, in this cover we’d be talking about the top reasons why do international students choose to study in Turkey.

The education system in Turkey

Not everyone knows that Turkey has made a quantum leap in various fields and indeed became an example worldwide.

Generally, Turkey achieved a qualitative leap in the economy and education many years back. The universities in Turkey say around 1980 was forty among the world’s universities in the field of scientific research.

In 2010, Turkey came 17th among the countries of the world in scientific and academic research.

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According to reports and scientific standards, the progress in scientific research, including publishing in international scientific periodicals, getting patents, scientific creativity and getting international awards made studying in Turkey a place not to be left!

International students attractiveness in Turkey

Turkey made a huge success in attracting a huge number of foreign students, focusing to open the doors of study to many countries. More than 180 countries.

Not to mention, turkey paid attention to providing all the comfort and luxury to attract international students through grants, seats, and the quality of teaching.

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Most universities provide modern university housing away from the noise of cities. Not to mention, Turkey was the first country to issue visas online, thus making it easier for students.

With more than 4 million students in the country and over 50 thousand foreign students as of 2019, the number of foreign students coming to Turkey is rising.

Teaching language

As for the language, most universities teach in Turkish. However, many public universities in certain disciplines, like medicine and engineering, for example, do teach in English as well as Turkish. The choice is for students!

For private universities, most universities teach in English. There are also new universities teaching in Arabic, as well as the University of Gaziantep.

Unlike in the UK, the US or other foreign countries, most of the universities in Turkey do not require any IELTS or TOEFL exam results as a condition for their admission. It is however recommended for international students in Turkey to have at least an intermediate level English knowledge.

Economical and political powerhouse

The political and economic prosperity made Turkey the 16th most powerful economy in the world. This took place after it was classified as a developing country.

Both the quality and effectiveness of studying in Turkey are what made studying in Turkey a hot topic. Also, let’s not forget the low cost of living and the low cost of tuition fees in universities and language institutes as opposed to countries in the EU.

This made studying in Turkey a world-class experience. Although Turkish universities have a high reputation and international recognition, there are about 200 universities across Turkey.

Future of studying in Turkey

According to the Turkish government, in 2023, the number of universities will be over 500!

Similarly, higher education management would be by the Higher Education Council (YOK).

Thanks to the policy of the Turkish government followed in the last ten years, the Turkish universities have achieved a huge qualitative leap which made them surpass some of the high rankings globally.

Six Turkish universities were chosen among the list of top 500 universities globally! About time to start your journey to study in Turkey!

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Living costs in Turkey are low

The cost of living along with the tuition fee is an important factor to consider when choosing a study destination abroad. And compared to any other European countries, Turkey is very affordable for international students. Your basic needs such as food, entertainment and transportation are conveniently cheap and easily accessible.

Student accommodation in Turkey cost around $300-500 per month. And students can additionally benefit from discounts on many things such as public transportation, cinema tickets and so on. And with all these main costs out of the way, you still can enjoy everything Turkey has to offer without going bankrupt. 

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Study in Turkey’s multicultural environment 

Turkey is a multi-ethnic country that stands as a bridge between the East and the West. The country’s proximity to the African continent has also contributed to the richness of the Turkish culture. This cultural melting pot is reason enough for international students to choose Turkey and get an enriching study experience abroad. 

Adding to this multicultural atmosphere, people in Turkey are known for their warmth and hospitality towards foreigners. Moreover, universities usually have cultural events, sports teams and social clubs where students from distant geographic places can gather together and socialize. Or they can also spend times in cafés, restaurants or libraries, where other foreign and local students usually hang out.

If you have made your decision, start your journey by applying to Turkish universities.

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