Work in Turkey during and after Study

Work in Turkey after Studying

If your next step is to work in Turkey during or after your study stay, then welcome to the right place!

There aren’t many options to work in Turkey if you don’t speak Turkish. Also, many jobs have lower salaries next to the EU, Canada, and the States, so make sure Turkey is your favorite place before you continue reading this.

However, there may be amazing opportunities in the market. You start by doing thorough research about the work opportunities online, and your resume should be prepared.

It’s worth noting that some of the best work opportunities to offer good salaries are in Embassies, consulates, and NGOs. Similarly, competition is always high to get one.

Finally, here’s what we advise you to do while you go on your journey to Turkey.

Opportunities to work in Turkey

One of the opportunities is to teach your native language in schools or within the scope of special education. The Turkish people have a great need to learn English and Arabic, and other languages, however, let’s not forget that these are well-paid jobs.

Similarly, the good opportunities to work in Turkey usually go to people who have certificates.

It’s also best to complete your learning courses with certified instructors/people during your study period.

Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities for foreigners are limited in Turkey, and foreigners can’t, by law, have legal or medical professions. Many work opportunities are low on the market.

The same law which does not allow foreigners to work in law or medicine also regulates the products that foreigners are allowed to trade, and that’s because some of the products are considered exclusive to the Turkish government.

Employment opportunities for Turkish National

While international people have some restrictions, Turkish national can work in these domains:

  • Medicine
  • Midwifery
  • Nursing and pharmacy
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Hospital management
  • Practicing Law
  • Notary and security guards.
  • Marine jobs like captain, sailor, angler, and diver.
  • Customs advisor.

Work in tourism in Turkey

Working in tourism in Turkey can be a bit of touch like financially. While there is a high demand for speakers of languages like English and Arabic, most of such jobs are in restaurants, bars, and other commercial stores. Also, it can have low salaries too, so no complaining!

It does not matter where you want to work, you have to be fluent in Turkish if you want to work in Turkey.

Unless you happen to be applying for international companies or press agencies which need a foreign language to work in one of its branches located in Turkey.

Usually, such vacancies are fit for journalists, editors, copy editors and auditors.

Work visa requirements in Turkey

  • Copy of your passport
  • Work visa application form filled
  • Your job contract
  • Photograph

At the discretion of foreign representatives of Turkey, other supporting documents may be requested to complete the application for a work visa.

Similarly, it is also possible to convert the student visa into a work visa, with some exceptions like you may have to go back to your country and submit a work visa application from there.

Documents to obtain a work permit in Turkey

Generally speaking, these are what you may be asked during your work permit application to work in Turkey.

  • Reference number from the consulate for visa application
  • Photograph
  • Work permit application form filled
  • Employment contract signed by both you and the employer.
  • Copy of the passport, translated into Turkish
  • Your university or diploma translated into Turkish
  • Copy of a letter of recommendation translated into Turkish

Types of work permits

Generally speaking, this is what you may be offered when applying for a work permit to work in Turkey.

  • Work permit for a specified period of time
  • Work permit for an unlimited period of time
  • Independent work permit
  • Turquoise card
  • Exceptional work permit

Can I get a job in Turkey as a student?

Until recently, there was no way for international students to work and study at the same time in Turkey. This is mostly due to the fact that the country’s government grants higher amounts of scholarships to international students, who on top of this benefit from cheaper costs and a welcoming atmosphere for their study stay. 

Find out how to get scholarships in Turkey

Work permit while you study in Turkey

Recently, the door was open for more foreign students to obtain a work permit and have the number of hours they can work legally in Turkey formally defined. Along with this came an easier and quicker renewal process for their residence permit. Same goes for their general health insurance, that students can get before the usual 3-month waiting.

So, international students who are registered in graduate and postgraduate programs (Master’s and PhD’s qualification) are allowed to work part-time, up to 30 to 35 hours per week. Moreover, undergraduate students and those enrolled in associate degree can also work for a maximum of 30 hours a week after their first year of studies. 

Where to work and study in Turkey?

Depending on the region in Turkey where you are studying, there are different opportunities for part-time working for international students. Some universities are very helpful on the matter, giving their students employment openings at the university premises: cafeteria, administrative department, library, and so on. They can also apply for work at places like restaurants, amusement parks, gas stations, and even from home in some cases.

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