Student housing and accommodation in Turkey

Turkey, a beautiful country and students love the sightseeing over there. However, an important concern is student housing in Turkey. This can be easy as student services offices in all Turkish universities provide assistance to find suitable housing for new international students at the beginning of each semester. From government housing to modern off-campus options, we’ve gathered all the must-know information to make your stay in Turkey both convenient and enjoyable. Let’s explore the array of student accommodation choices that await you!

Student housing and accommodation in Turkey

Can your university help?

If the student has got a scholarship, the task of searching for housing becomes somewhat easier. This is because the scholarship office can help or extend some assistance in the search.

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Not to mention, the student services offices in Turkish universities offer different places which vary in price, security, and distance to campus.

Generally, you can contact the university through the international office, and all Turkish universities have their own housing on the campus which meets the student’s needs.

Finally, apartments inside and outside the campus, as well as private rental units in the surrounding suburbs can also be in your search for housing in Turkey.

How to look for student housing in Turkey?

Before searching for other alternatives, we first advise that you check and review the places first. Generally, you can do that through the student affairs offices or international student assistance offices at the university.

Accommodation options for international students

Government housing

Many universities in Turkey provide on-campus housing for all international students who want to stay on campus.

Meals are not generally put in fees. Hostels usually have canteens where students can have breakfast and other meals at a low cost.

Generally, when you pay, you have to use the Turkish lira. Also, all international students pay the same amount as Turkish students. In addition, most Turkish housings are sex-segregated.

We advise students to bring enough money to exchange for lira.

Remember, they may not accept credit cards!

Cost and processes

In Turkey, everything related to housing in government dormitories is carried out by the General Directorate of Higher Education and residency institutions. For detailed information, please visit the Directorate’s website.

Fees for dormitories in the country are a bit low, as a student who wants to stay in a student ward can share 4 to 6 students in one ward.

Also, the houses can accommodate 2 to 4 students considering you pay a bit more but not more than 20 TL a month.

Generally, the housing dormitories include free high-speed internet access, along with a refrigerator in each room. Also, a number of free daily meal vouchers for each student.

Finally, for students with a scholarship from the Turkish government, the housing may be for free.

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Private housing

Private housing is a bit higher than the prices and quality of government rooms.

Usually, the room can accommodate 1 to 4 students, and the room price is set based on location and the amenities it provides.

Cost and processes

The monthly price of a private room for one student in the city center ranges from 1700 to 2100 Turkish liras. The price does not include meals. Generally, prices vary between cities and may reach up to 3500 Turkish liras in the major cities.

As a student, you’d always pay attention to the quality of your room, and methods of paying like either monthly and yearly, in cash or by the bank.

Also, you’d read all terms of the agreement before paying the rent, as it is often non-refundable.

We also suggest you inquire about the services included in the agreement. Sometimes there are services like laundry and fitness halls, which can have their own fees.

Renting a house

This is another accommodation option for international students in Turkey, although a more expensive one. In this case, students can choose to rent a house with a few friends in the neighborhoods of the universities. Houses in Turkey are often in the form of an apartment, with a large living room, a kitchen and 2 to 4 additional bedrooms. Moreover, most of these houses have a balcony.

Cost and processes

The prices of this type of student accommodation depend on the city where you live in Turkey. It also varies according to the characteristics of the housing as well as the facilities available. The rent of this type of apartment cost between 60 and 2,500 TL. 

Tips for choosing a student accommodation and housing in Turkey

When looking for an accommodation, start searching and applying for a housing as early as possible. This applies whether you go for a government housing or a private rental. Finding a place to live as a student in Turkey can sometimes be challenging, especially in big cities like Istanbul. 

Talking about location, decide beforehand if you ought to live in the city area or the suburbs and at what distance of the university are you willing to stay. Find out also about the transportation, since you will have to cross the same distance every day. Choose a place that eases your commute between the university and the housing, whether by walking or taking public transportation.

And last but not least, pay close attention to the details of the housing. What facilities and services are included in the rent, and does the accommodation along with the other fees fits your budget. 

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