How to Get a Student Accommodation in South Africa

No matter how long your study was in South Africa, you have to find yourself a place to stay. This depends on your living preference, budget, and university you select. In this article, we will discuss how to get student accommodation in South Africa.

The thing that also depends on whether your studies in the country are organized through an exchange program or yourself. Here you are some available options:

Foreign Students with International Exchange Programs

Each exchange organization has different types of programs. You have to know what your program covers in terms of the type of accommodation and funding.

Some programs will arrange accommodation for you in the university residence and others organize hosting families. Other programs might have completely different arrangements. 

Accommodation Arrangements

When inquiring about the accommodation arrangements with your program, you have to ask about the costs and arrangements related to the accommodation. For example, if you are going to stay in the university residence, will the program pay for your meals?

Usually, the organization has information about accommodation on the internet. But, you may have to contact them to get more specific details.

The more you ask and check, the more you will know how much is covered and arranged.

Foreign Students with Partnership Programs

If you are a foreign student in one of the partnership universities, you have to know the accommodation arrangements from your international office. These arrangements might differ according to each partnership.

Some universities provide you with a budget for your accommodation abroad. But, it’s up to you how you spend it, and what kind of accommodation you organize. In other cases, the partnership program might include pre-arranged accommodation.

Full-time International Students

If you are a full-time international student, your available accommodation options are the same as those available for the local student.

Types of Available Student Accommodation

Most of the universities in South Africa offer some types of accommodation for students, such as shared apartments or private rooms.

Some accommodations come with an additional benefit resembled in meal plans and the accessibility of student food courts.

Moreover, student accommodation could be a good option if you are an international student who wants to participate in social activities with other students. You can also save money if you do not want to spend much on furnishing an apartment. The rooms usually include furniture.

University Residence:

Eight of the top universities in South Africa offer student accommodation. It is usually located on the university campus or near it. In case it was a little further, the university offers transportation to guarantee an easy transfer between the residence and the campus.

In general, You have to be a full-time student to be qualified to get a place in the residence. But, some universities have options for the exchange students. To learn more about the admission requirements and application process, contact the residence offices at your university.

How to Find an Accommodation?

You can find accommodation through the real estate gateways or agents who do not only help the international students, but also the South Africans who search for accommodation. Like any other place in the world, you will find people who try to use the students through fake ads. This makes the gateways and agents the ideal tool for the students.

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