7 reasons why to study in Sweden

Studying in Sweden

Do you think about studying abroad? You do have many options. Sweden counts as one of the best. It is not only one of the best EU countries in education but also in living and working. In addition to other advantages that make it a suitable environment for scientists’ development. Here, we have compiled some of the best reasons why you should study in Sweden.

First and foremost, Sweden is the home and origin of the Nobel Prize, which is one of the most prestigious academic excellence awards in the world. This is a pretty good indication of the quality of education you can expect to get in the country.

By 2009, the costs of Universities and faculties had reached 1.7 % of the Swedish National income, while the research costs were 3.61%. Therefore, Sweden was the 1st country in The EU Union in this field.

The Universities in Sweden

The very first of the reasons you should study in Sweden is the quality of education. More precisely, the higher education quality, reflected by the country’s universities. A few of these Swedish universities have some notorious names among their alumni, which is reason enough to consider application in these institutions.

There are 14 official universities and 21 faculties in Sweden. This is in addition to some independent educational associations.

Moreover, 3 of these high profile universities in Sweden are ranked in the top 100 universities in the world. In addition, 11 universities are among the best 500 universities in the world according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

The learning excitement and the thrilling student activities

Besides the unique academic study in Sweden, there are many universities that offer student activities, whether it is by the tutoring sections or by the student union.

The activities vary between playing games, sports, trips inside Sweden, and entertainment trips to other European countries.

Also, you can practice water sport activities, which have a large share of 100,000 lakes in Sweden.

Another reason to study in Sweden: the health insurance program

The healthcare program of the Health Association in Sweden is one of the best programs in the world. Besides, the healthcare program includes modernity, development of human capacity, and institutions. Addition to the reduction of the treatment cost to the extent that it may be described as free. It is provided as an inherent right of citizenship. Also, it is granted to everyone who is a resident and registered in Sweden.

The scientific research and development in Sweden

Sweden aims to be a leader in the researches field. Sweden tried to develop this field by allocating 5 billion kronor for innovations and researches in 2009-2012. This amount was double the previously allocated budget.

1 Swedish króna = 0.098 American Dollar

Sweden’s Creative Environment

If you’re still looking for the best reasons to study in Sweden, this is one of the most compelling of them. The country’s businesses are tech-savvy, and the country is one of the best globally in encouraging creativity and innovation. 

As a result, the scientific research and development have led to many distinctive discoveries including the dialysis machine, the computer mouse, the Bluetooth technology, and mobile applications like Skype. Moreover, Sweden is home to many tech start-ups such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Horizon, TechBuddy to name just a few.

Besides, many more projects have come to life thanks to the Stockholm’s annual innovation scholarship program. Every year, the city of Stockholm offers a 630,000 SEK award to start-ups in tech, cleantech, creative industries, tourism, life sciences, and everyday products.

All of this reveals the country’s commitment to promote innovation at all levels, more precisely sustainable innovation.

The Swedish language is easy to learn

This is another one of the reasons why so many international students decide to study in Sweden: it’s the second country in the world for proficiency in English as a second language. You won’t then encounter any language barrier during your studies in Sweden. And outside the university, you will easily find people using the English language in their daily life. 

Moreover, it’s not mandatory for you to learn the Swedish language, since many university programs are in English. However, it is not unusual to find many international students studying Swedish besides their academic study. The goal is to help themselves to understand the country’s culture and coexisting among its citizens. This is also very helpful, especially if your study language is Swedish.

You can look at the following resources in case you want to learn Swedish

The Scholarships to study in Sweden

The Swedish government allocated millions of kronor per year for 2 new scholarship programs to help the students who can’t pay tuition fees for studying in Sweden.

One of these programs includes highly qualified students who come from countries outside the EU Union to cover their educational expenses, which they get through the office of the international education and training program.

We will speak about the scholarships in Sweden in detail in the following article.

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