8 Tips to Work in Sweden: Before and after graduation

8 tips to work in Sweden

We will tackle in this article some tips to help you find work in Sweden before and after graduation from Swedish Universities. Also, the advantage of being a student in Sweden and how to gain benefit from it.

Can I work in Sweden as a student?

In Sweden, students can work alongside their studies. There’s no official limitations on how many hours you can work, in contrary to some other countries like (America, Britain …) which put limitations on working hours. You shall be interested to read Study Guide in America as well as Study Guide in Britain.

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Working as a part-time during studies helps you to cover your educational and personal expenses in Sweden.

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It does not mean to neglect your studies because of working, but you should give it the top priority. So you should balance between issues. (It is assumed that studying hours, researches and any of studying tasks in Sweden is equivalent to 40 hours per week).

Nearly every university in Sweden has career services that can help you find a part-time student job. Also, the university organizes employment fairs, coordinating with companies and institutions to offer their available job vacancies to students. Websites like Academic Work and Student Consulting would help to find a suitable job.

Learn more about : AcademicWork and StudentConsulting.

Work in Sweden After Graduation

First and foremost, Sweden is considered as a great place to start your career through many prestigious international companies and institutions which are found throughout the country. Secondly, you can extend your residence permit up to 6 months to search for a job or set up your own business in Sweden. Moreover, you can apply for an official request to get a work residence permit when you are accepted in a job.

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How to find work in Sweden (after graduation from Swedish Universities)

Register in your university’s career center

The first step in searching for work after graduation is to register in the university’s career center which helps you in creating a professional CV and cover letter as well as workshop contract, interview-technique training and study visits to potential employers.

Attend Employment fairs

It is a great opportunity as the international companies like IKEA, Volvo, and large banks in Sweden participate in these fairs.

The most important employment fairs in Sweden

Learning Swedish Language

Nearly everyone in Sweden knows and speaks English.

In addition, most Swedish companies include the English language as one of its requirements. But being proficient at Swedish will open up a lot of doors for you when you’re trying to find your dream work.

Besides, it will help you to build a social life after graduation. Most universities offer Swedish courses for International students, and you can learn it through free courses organized by the Swedish institute.

Learn more about : Swedish institute

Take an internship

The experience you acquire from an internship makes Swedish companies accept to join them once you apply for a job vacancy. You can communicate with the international students’ organization regarding this issue like AIESEC.

Learn more about : AIESEC

Another way to get into the Swedish workforce through internship is to enroll in the Korta vägen program. This is a nationwide initiative, managed by the Swedish Public Employment Service, that offers foreign students a fast track to working in Sweden.

Or why not try your luck and directly contact a company you’d like to do an internship at?

Get part-time jobs for international students in Sweden

We previously talked about in the above-mentioned lines.

Get involved in your student union

Building a network of friends and students union can offer valuable tips or introduce you to potential employers after graduation.

Contact the employers directly

Usually, companies’ websites include information on the available positions they have. And if you don’t find any career info on a company’s website, you contact them and ask if they accept an open application. 

By this step, you can make a professional and enthusiastic impression that let the employer see that you deserve the chance. So do not hesitate to contact directly the employer you want to work for.

Start early

Whenever you start early to land for your first job after graduation, in addition to the above-mentioned steps, your chance to find work in Sweden will be early.

A great way to start is to check the Swedish Public Employment Agency’s website. Most of the companies in Sweden advertise on this website when looking to hire new people. Also, many of the ads are in English, which is very helpful for foreigners to find work in Sweden without speaking Swedish.

For Business, you can read the book of Swedish Public employment Service.

In the next article, we will let you know more about the culture and customs of Swedish society and how to adapt.

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