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7 reasons why to study in Sweden

Studying in Sweden

Do you think about studying abroad? You do have many options. Sweden counts as one of the best. It is not only one of the best EU countries in education but also in living and working. In addition to other advantages that make it a suitable environment for scientists’ development. …

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Top 10 Swedish Universities and their official websites

Swedish Universities

This article will address the top 10 best universities in Sweden for international students. We will also provide their official websites as well as its ranking in Sweden and the world according to the recent academic ranking of world universities. We previously talked about studying in Sweden and what distinguishes …

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Customs and traditions of Sweden

Customs and culture of Sweden

Do you find yourself puzzled about adapting to the customs and traditions of Sweden? Knowing the customs and culture of the country where you would like to study (Whatever it is), is one of the key elements you have to know well before travelling. Every customs, culture and traditions is …

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Masters Study in Switzerland

Master's Degree in Switzerland

Switzerland offers a wide range of masters programs, which we will list more in detail in the following lines. Besides, the academic calendar in Switzerland extends from September to June. Also, it is divided into the fall semester from September to November and the spring semester from February to June. …

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How to obtain a work permit in Sweden: For Graduates

obtain Work permit in Sweden

We previously talked about the details of studying in Sweden, starting with the advantages of studying in Sweden, passing through the cost of studying and living, the top 10 Swedish universities ranking, and how to apply to Swedish universities. Besides, we talked about the types of Swedish scholarships even, how …

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How to get Student Accommodation in Sweden

student accommodation in Sweden

The first point you have to follow in your search for accommodation in Sweden is the Swedish university itself. Most Swedish universities offer accommodation services for their international students that include guaranteed home care services or give advice on where to find housing on your own. Therefore if you don’t …

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