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How to Apply for University in Mexico

how to apply for Mexican University

Do you think to apply for university studies in Mexico? There are dozens of prestigious universities in Mexico, which are globally recognized for providing a high-quality level of education. However, admission to prominent universities in Mexico is not easy. Besides, admission to a Mexican university requires the student to undergo …

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Study fees and living cost in Mexico

cost of studying and living in Mexico

For middle-class students, the study cost and living cost in Mexico are relatively low compared to neighboring countries. Indeed, the cost of living in Mexico is less than the one in some countries of the American continent and in Europe as well, especially for basic stuff such as fruits and …

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Top 4 Universities in Slovenia and their Official websites


The top universities in Slovenia are 4 and approx. 50 smaller institutions of higher education. Besides, they are independent institutions offering many programs in all fields. Additionally, all higher education institutions in Slovenia are accredited and meet the required national and international standards as well. Also learn how the higher …

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How to get Student Accommodation in Mexico

Student accommodation in Mexico

Do you think about studying in Mexico? Are you looking for student accommodation in Mexico? As a foreign student, the choice of accommodation is one of the challenges you may face. Therefore, Mexico City offers a wide and varied range of options that match all budgets, as it is the …

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The 4 Best Cities to Study in Finland

Best Cities to Study in Finland

Finland has a diverse mix of all fields, economic, social and political, which led to being an important place for all segments of society all over the world. Any student who wants to continue his studies in Finland may ask about the most important cities where he can study. Do …

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10 Tips to know before Studying in South Africa

studying in South Africa

South Africa, which is considered by the international scientific community as the cradle of humanity, is an opportunity for students to explore a country steeped in rich cultural, political and archaeological history. Here we present for international students 10 tips to know before studying in South Africa and embarking on …

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Requirements of a Student visa in Mexico

Requirements of a Student visa in Mexico

Top universities in Mexico include some global prestigious universities, in addition to, being globally recognized as they provide a highly qualified level of education. But for international students who are interested in studying in Mexico, they must get a student visa. Follow us on the following lines, through which we …

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