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Student living cost and study fees in Slovenia

cost of studying and living in Slovenia

Are you planning to study abroad? The Republic of Slovenia is one of the best destinations as tuition fees and the student living cost in Slovenia are fairly affordable. As a result, it will be easy for international students to consider. Indeed, accommodation cost in student dormitories ranges between 80 …

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Bachelor’s Degree in Mexico

bachelor's degree in Mexico

Mexico sees growing numbers of foreign students to study in their universities, especially for a bachelor’s degree in Mexico. The top Mexican universities provide high-quality education levels in various disciplines besides their global recognition. What is a bachelor’s degree in Mexico? The higher education system in Mexico has the same …

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How to Study for a Master’s and a PhD in Mexico?

Study Master and PhD in Mexico

To study for a master and PhD in Mexico, there are two different types of institutions that you can enroll. It depends on your choice of the course you want to study. Institutions can be divided into Private and public ones: Professional development universities and scientific research universities. So we …

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How to Apply for University in Mexico

how to apply for Mexican University

Do you think to apply for university studies in Mexico? There are dozens of prestigious universities in Mexico, which are globally recognized for providing a high-quality level of education. However, admission to prominent universities in Mexico is not easy. Besides, admission to a Mexican university requires the student to undergo …

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Study fees and living cost in Mexico

cost of studying and living in Mexico

For middle-class students, the study cost and living cost in Mexico are relatively low compared to neighboring countries. Indeed, the cost of living in Mexico is less than the one in some countries of the American continent and in Europe as well, especially for basic stuff such as fruits and …

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Top 4 Universities in Slovenia and their Official websites


The top universities in Slovenia are 4 and approx. 50 smaller institutions of higher education. Besides, they are independent institutions offering many programs in all fields. Additionally, all higher education institutions in Slovenia are accredited and meet the required national and international standards as well. Also learn how the higher …

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How to get Student Accommodation in Mexico

Student accommodation in Mexico

Do you think about studying in Mexico? Are you looking for student accommodation in Mexico? As a foreign student, the choice of accommodation is one of the challenges you may face. Therefore, Mexico City offers a wide and varied range of options that match all budgets, as it is the …

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