The ultimate guide to immigration and studies in Japan

Top 10 Universities in Japan


Japan is known for being a country that preserves its culture and tradition while supporting creativity and innovation in modern technology. This mentality also shows in the higher education system in Japan. In other words, universities in Japan are focused on research development and international communication while still maintaining Japanese …

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Study in Japan: The Complete Guide for 2020


Japan is one of the lead countries in the field of education. In fact, many universities in Japan have achieved high ranking worldwide. Consequently, there are many international students who have chosen to study in Japan. As an international student, you’re probably thinking about choosing such a highly developed country …

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The Higher Education System in Japan


The higher education system in Japan is an integral part of the country’s culture and political status. In fact, the academic accomplishments of students in Japan are the highest in the country and in the world. For that reason, the ministry of education controls public policy and management and organization …

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Study Masters in Japan: The Complete 2020 Guide


Do you want to study Masers in Japan? It is an excellent choice if you’re a postgraduate student looking for good quality education. As a matter of fact, Japan is one of the developing countries that excel in higher education. The country also features 13 universities that rank high among …

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Top 3 Specialties to Study in Japan


Want to study in Japan but aren’t sure what specialties are available? Or maybe you’re thinking of working in Japan after graduating from one of its esteemed universities. Either way, this article will give you an idea of all the specialties available in Japan and the best specialties to choose …

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The Cost of Studying and Living in Japan

Cost of Studying and living in Japan

As we’ve mentioned in our article about getting a student visa in Japan, international students will have to go through immigration security at the airport or their post of arrival. Additionally, if you’re staying in Japan for more than 3 months, you will need a landing stamp in your passport. …

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How to Apply to Japanese Universities


Japan is home to hundreds of university both private and public. It also has one of the strictest education systems in the world. For that reason, getting into a Japanese university can be very competitive. In fact, students who want to study in Japan will have to take numerous tests …

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Learn Japanese in Japan


The Japanese language is closely related to the Japanese culture, tradition and social standards. Although the percentage of native Japanese speakers worldwide is less than 5%, it is the 9th most popular language in the world. There are many ways that international students can learn the Japanese in Japan. In …

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Adapting to Culture and Tradition in Japan


Most Japanese people are descendants of migrants who came from the Asian mainland. China influences most of the culture and traditions of Japan. Additionally, culture and tradition in Japan has also been influenced by the western world over the last century. The Japanese society Japan has a homogeneous society that …

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