The Cost of Living and Studying in Belgium

Belgium is a federate state with a government that views education as a top priority. For that reason, universities in Belgium are increasingly becoming a hub for international students. Additionally, the cost of living and studying in Belgium is quite reasonable.

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Belgium is a favorite destination among international students for many reasons which include a high level of education, cultural diversity and a simpler lifestyle. Not only that, but the cost of living and studying in Belgium is reasonably low in comparison to other European countries. Furthermore, if you want to study at a lower cost, Belgium is the place for you.

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The cost of studying in Belgium

Tuition fees

Studying in Belgium is not particularly expensive. However, getting a scholarship will take away the financial burden of tuition and student visa fees. The scholarship will also cover the cost of student accommodation in Belgium.

Nevertheless, tuition fees in Belgium will range from €400 to €700 a year in most specialties. It should be noted, tuition fees for each individual university will vary depending on its location within Belgium.

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The least expensive universities in Belgium

  • Thomas More University
  • UC Leuven-Limburg
  • University of Namur
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel VUB
  • University of Liège

The cost of living in Belgium

Student accommodation

Apartments in central cities such as Brussels will normally be quite expensive. However, there are other more affordable options for international students.

Student accommodation options

  1. On-Campus accommodation is the ideal and most affordable option, especially for first-year students.
  2. Renting or sharing an apartment: to rent a one-bedroom apartment, you’ll pay on average €400 a month (bills not included).
  3. Homestay: in some cities, staying with a Belgian family is very expensive. That being said, the general cost per person including one meal will range from €400 to €600 a month per person.

Cost of transportation in Belgium

Normally, you’ll get a student discount for transportation in Belgium. Nevertheless, the cost of transportation is reasonably low in-country. It should be noted that the least expensive means of transport are trains and buses.

If you can ride a bicycle, you’ll experience less traffic than you would taking public transport. It should be noted, private taxis are the most expensive option when it comes to public transportation.

Belgium is a culturally diverse country which is evident by the number of official languages it has. In fact, university programs are taught in all of Belgium’s three official languages. The diversity in language and culture further attracts students from different nationalities to pursue their studies in Belgium.

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