International Student Scholarships in Belgium

Belgium is a great place for students who want to continue their studies abroad. In fact, life in Belgium is quite easy and the cost of living is pretty low in comparison to other countries. That being said, you may still be worried about the cost of tuition. For that reason, we’ll give you all the information you need on student scholarships in Belgium.

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Types of scholarships in Belgium

The Belgian government offers many scholarships for international students from developing countries. These scholarships will help students with the cost of living and tuition in Belgium. Here is a list of funded scholarships:

VLIR-UOS scholarships for Masters and training

VLIR-UOS offers international students full scholarships in Belgium. The scholarship funds your chosen Masters program or training program at one of the universities in Belgium.

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Additionally, the scholarship covers the cost of transportation and accommodation in Belgium. It also covers some of your day to day expenditure as an international student.

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Belgian development agency scholarships

The Belgian development agency offers scholarships to many international students especially those from developing countries. Moreover, the agency gives students all the aid and support they need for Masters, PhD or training in Belgium.

The Government of Flanders Mastermind scholarships

The Government of Flanders Mastermind offers international students scholarships to specific universities. The scholarship covers the cost of postgraduate studies in Belgium.

Moreover, to get this scholarship, you have to have been registered in a Belgian school in the Flemish or French region.

The Free University of Brussels (VUB) scholarships

The Free University of Brussels aims to conduct academic and scientific research that can further benefit the society. For that reason, the university offers scholarships to distinguished international students to help them continue on their academic path. Additionally, the university supports a number of PhD programs.

Requirements for Scholarships in Belgium

Requirements for scholarships in Belgium may differ from one university to another. However, they can be summarized as follows:

  • The candidates must have registered in one of the universities in Belgium.
  • You must also have an exceptional GPA.
  • You cannot exceed the maximum amount of income permitted for international students.
  • In order to receive the scholarship, must be from one of the nominated countries.

You can apply for scholarships by filling in an application online. It should be noted, your application will be discarded if you do not fulfill all the requirements.

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