How to Get Student Accommodation in Belgium

If you’re thinking about studying in Belgium, we completely support you. The country provides international students the tools and skills they need to guarantee their academic and professional success. Aside from finding your ideal university, you should also make finding your ideal student accommodation in Belgium a top priority.


There are various options for international student accommodation in Belgium to suit every budget. We’ll discuss all that and more in this article.

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Types of student accommodation and housing in Belgium

On-Campus accommodation

This option is ideal for students as it is close to the university. In other words, it’ll make it easier to get to classes on time. You’ll also save you the unnecessary expenses of public transport. In addition to that, you’ll get the chance to get to know other students and practice the language. The bathroom and kitchen will normally be shared and you may also end up sharing your room with another student. The room will normally cost anywhere between €200 to €450. The cost will depend on how big the room is and any additional features.

You can contact the university administration’s office or the international student office and ask for help finding accommodation before you arrive.

Private Off-Campus accommodation

If you’re renting an Off-Campus apartment, you’ll normally have to rent for more than 9 months. We advise that you look for a roommate as the rent will be pretty high. On average, the cost of a one-bedroom apartment is €400 a month.

Arrangements for this type of student housing may be difficult if you’re not in Belgium to handle it. It’s then advised that you book a room in a youth hostel for one or two weeks before your courses begin. This will give you enough time to look for a housing, visit the various options and decide on a permanent place to live in Belgium.

Shared Off-Campus student housing in Belgium

Shared Off-Campus accommodation is a great option in Belgium. You’ll have to agree with a group of students to rent an apartment together and share the rent and bills. This student housing option is not only a great way to meet new people, but also to learn other languages during your stay in Belgium.

Homestay in Belgium

Homestay might be slightly expensive in some cities. That being said, you do get the advantage of family life, and you’ll feel less like an outsider. Homestay also gives you an opportunity to get to know Belgian culture and tradition, in addition to practicing your language skills.

Tips on getting student accommodation in Belgium

  • You need to book your accommodation early. If you choose On-Campus accommodation, you must contact the university as soon as you’re accepted.
  • Firstly, get to know the cost of accommodation in different parts of Belgium, as some may be expensive. After that, you’ll compare the prices and find your ideal accommodation to match your budget.
  • Be careful when looking for Off-Campus accommodation. Some places may not be ideal for international students in terms of safety. Additionally, you have to find accommodation that is student-friendly.
  • Make sure to keep an eye out for billboards at your university, as some may help you find your ideal accommodation.
  • You can also visit accommodation platforms such as where you can contact the advisers directly. You can also check the Erasmus Play website, where you can find some listings on the available rooms to rent or flat-sharing options in the city you live in Belgium.


Make sure to study your renter’s contract very well for details on rent and bills. In most cases, students will have to pay rent, electricity and internet bills. You must bear that in mind when signing the contract. Additionally, that will help you set a more accurate budget.

When you’re in Belgium, you won’t have trouble finding student accommodation that suits you. That being said, you should bear in mind additional bills when attempting to set an estimated budget. Some weekly or monthly bills you’ll encounter may include the following:

  • Water
  • Heating
  • Electricity
  • Internet
  • Waste management services

Finally, you must be aware that the cost of accommodation will differ from city to city. For example, the cost of accommodation in Brussels will be a lot higher than in other small cities in Belgium.

To help you manage your student budget, here’s our guide about the study and living cost in Belgium.

International student accommodation in Brussels

Brussels is a vibrant city, a place where several cultures meet, since it’s also the capital of the European Union. It is a city where many international students and young professionals settle in. It’s no surprise then that student accommodation in Brussels is slightly higher than in any other neighboring cities. 

Moreover, it will be more expensive also if you decide to live in the city center. The options for those looking for a student housing in Brussels include: private rooms, studios, apartments, flat-sharing as well as homestay/host family. As for the price, staying with a Belgian family will cost about €180 per month, while a private housing in Brussels will cost between €600 and €1 000 per month.

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