How can I get admission in university in France?

Admission in a French university begins with registering on the Campus France agency’s website. Basically, it promotes higher education programs in France.

The function of this agency is to facilitate university admission procedures, as well as to assist in welcoming and facilitating transportation for expatriate students.

As a matter of fact, acceptance or rejection is determined through the method of selection, or by conducting some tests where the main criteria is the proficiency of the French language.

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The French Higher Education System

Before even talking about admission in a university, it’s better you have an overview of the education system in France. In the higher education, you have to make the distinction between universities and Grandes Écoles. 

At universities, you can earn the three BMD degrees from the Bologna process, namely: Licence (Bachelor’s), Master’s and Doctorate. France has around 82 state universities, 5 Catholic universities and numerous private institutes. 

Grandes Écoles, on the other hand, are a much more competitive institutions, where students only apply at the end of a two-year program called CPGE – Preparatory classes for Grandes Écoles. Moreover, they need to undertake a highly selective entrance exam, followed by an interview.

University admission procedure for international students in France

Non-EU international students use the “Etudes en France” platform for their university application in France. This platform has this advantage of managing all the university enrollment process until the visa application, with the assistance of Campus France agents. 

Prior to the application, candidates need to check out if they meet all the requirements. This includes the proficiency in the French language. There are two types of admission procedures in a university in France: the DAP (Demande d’Admission Préalable) which involves preliminary admission and HDAP (Hors Demande d’admission préalable), meaning application outside a preliminary admission.

DAP procedure

This system is for all international students who apply for the first year of an undergraduate program in France. DAP candidates apply through the Etudes en France platform, where they can apply to up to 3 programs. 

HDAP procedure

This is for applicants to the second or third year of an undergraduate program, as well as those applying to all other graduate programs in France. This takes place also on the Etudes en France online platform, where candidates can apply to up to 7 programs.

University admission requirements for international students in France

  • Completion and obtaining the high school certificate.
  • Proficiency in French language conversation and writing. This should be proven by obtaining an advanced diploma in the French language or passing a language assessment test. In case of not mastering French, it’s better for the student to review the branch of the French Cultural Center for Language Cooperation attached to French embassies and consulates available in his/her countries. This is in order to coordinate with them to start one of the courses organized by the center. Furthermore, the student can also take courses in the French language in private centers.
  • The registration for study in France is divided into two stages, the first one is called the first registration. This is done by withdrawing a copy related to the registration from the French Cooperative Cultural Center. The second stage is the final registration stage, during which the chosen university sends a student registration file.
  • A financial payment, which includes university fees and compulsory health insurance fees. The amount of these fees is variable depending on the chosen university, the major, as well as the nature of health insurance that the student chooses for himself.
  • Obtaining a study visa in France from the French embassies or consulates within a period of two months before the date of travel. Besides, ensuring that it is a long-term residence visa, in order for the student to obtain the residence card in France.

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The documents required to apply for registration at French universities

  • A true copy of the high school diploma in the French language. Moreover, it must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the mother country or the French embassy.
  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • A CV that includes the student’s academic achievement.
  • A letter of recommendation from the student’s school stating the nature of his conduct during his studies.
  • Eight packed copies of the long-term residence visa application.
  • Eight personal photos.
  • Initial registration certificate.
  • Proof of health insurance subscription.

University application deadline in France

Campus France recommends students to start the application process in November of the year preceding the academic year they are applying for. But for the deadlines for university application take place whether in January 17th or April 1st for the fall intake. It depends on the degree and other factors, such as the available places in the program. 

Moreover, deadline for the spring admission is on September 15th and after this date, students may be admitted depending on the available places. For Post-Bac admission, deadlines runs from the end of January to mid-March. Those taking the TCF test (Proficiency in the French language) during the DAP process, admission takes place from November until the end of January of the next year. 

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