How to get a scholarship to study in France?

After we explained how to obtain a study visa in France, we decided in our new article to clarify the types of scholarships that France international students can obtain.

It is worth noting that the number of international students in French universities exceeds a quarter of a million students annually.

Although the costs of studying in France are the lowest among European countries, the French system is always providing low fees for local students in general and international students in particular. The aim behind that is to attract brilliant minds for the country’s development.

Benefits from French educational systems

Indeed, international students benefit from the right support and attention France is providing to education. They are represented in the following:

  • Relatively low university tuition fees, which range from 170 to 243 euros.
  • University support, through the state covering the largest part of the cost for university study, regardless of the student’s nationality.
  • Annual social insurance for students, with a value of approximately 200 euros.
  • Covering one-third of the accommodation expenses, and the priority will be for students of French government scholarships.
  • Discounts on many students daily expenses such as bus and train tickets, as well as reduced subscriptions for entertainment in swimming pools and cinemas.
  • University restaurants with meal prices not exceeding three euros per meal.
  • Eligibility to work, as the student who holds the card to reside in the state of France, can work, provided that the working hours do not exceed 18 hours per week.

Types of scholarships in France for international students

Scholarships to study in France are divided into several types, as follows:

French government scholarships

A student can apply for one of them by contacting the Campus France office through their website.

Scholarships from the Activity and Cultural Cooperation Department

They are offered by French embassies, which provides educational scholarships in cooperation with educational institutions for postgraduate studies of all kinds in the mother country.

Moreover, the student can apply for one of them through communication with the French embassy in his country.

The Eiffel Scholarship Program for Excellence

The Eiffel Scholarships are awarded based on merit. It targets distinguished university students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies at a French university, at the master’s and PhD levels. 

This program specializes only in four critical study fields: engineering, management and economics, political science and law. Moreover, it encourages students from emerging countries to apply at master’s level, while students from emerging and industrialized countries can apply at Doctorate level. 

The student can apply for one of them by contacting the scholarship website.

Excellence-Major undergraduate scholarships in France for international students

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France along with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) award about 200 scholarships every year. The Excellence-Major scholarships are for students from French high schools (lycées français) around the world, who wish to pursue higher education in French universities. 

Scholarship holders benefit from the funding for up to 5 years studies. They also earn the status of French government scholarship holder. This will make it easier for them to get their visa and housing at a university residence in France.

Moreover, the student can apply for one of them by visiting their website.

Scholarships from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in France

On the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research’s website dedicated to students, there are scholarships based on social criteria. As an international student, you can benefit from this grant if you either have refugee status or benefit from temporary protection. The other criteria would be that you are holder of a residence permit and have been living for at least 2 years in France.

For more information, consult this website.

NPLUSI Network Scholarships

It is a national network for major colleges and high-level engineering disciplines. Besides, it offers some scholarships or funding in cooperation with some private corporates in each country.

Likewise, the student can apply for one of them by contacting the scholarship website.

Scholarships from the Francophone University Agency (AUF)

In order to encourage circulation of knowledge and learning, AUF awards scholarships to students and researchers to study in universities in France or elsewhere. These grants allow students to pursue part of their studies and research at the master’s or doctorate levels. Students who want to undertake professional training are also eligible for this scholarship. 

Students and researchers can apply for one of them by contacting the awarding agency.

European Erasmus Mundus Program

It offers three scholarships within the framework of cultural exchange for students enrolled in a French university. This is done in cooperation with some projects submitted by institutions of higher education in the mother country.

To learn more, contact the university’s international relations office and apply through the website of these scholarships.

Scholarships for international and non-governmental organizations and institutions

These scholarships are basically financing of doctoral and post-doctoral studies. Check the following website for detailed information.

At last, stay tuned with us to take more advantage of the series of articles related to study in France. We will proceed in our next article, which entitled “How to obtain accommodation for students in France“.

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