Health Insurance for International Students in Germany

In Germany, health insurance is a necessity for everyone regardless of nationality. You’re advised to arrange health insurance a long while before claiming a spot in university. Make sure to get all the information you need to apply for health insurance and prepare all your documents accordingly. Consequently, you’ll save more time applying for postgraduate studies in Germany.

Health Insurance in Germany for International Students 

There are two types of health insurance plans in Germany: public health and private health.

Health insurance is mandatory for all students. However, you may be able to use preexisting health insurance depending on your home country. Please consult your university for more information. Even if you get a basic plan, some students can also get additional health insurance plans to cover certain requirements.

German language students

Many students choose to learn German in Germany. In fact, it can help you enhance your conversational skills by speaking with native speakers. You’ll also get to experience their culture and more. Some language programs will require you to stay a couple of weeks or months in Germany. In that case, health insurance is required.

Additionally, you can choose the ideal insurance plan according to your own circumstances. On the other hand, you’re now able to compare private insurance plans and get them online. Please note that as a language student in Germany, you will not be able to access a public health plan.

Exchange students

To live in Germany as an exchange student, you will certainly need health insurance. Whether you’re taking a single semester or an entire year as an exchange student or you’re a part of a program like Erasmus, you will be required to have health insurance. Considering that the law requires everyone in Germany to have health insurance, you’ll have to have a health plan according to the law.

Most exchange students in Germany choose a tailor-made plan for better coverage.

International PhD students

Most students studying their PhD in Germany will have to get a private health plan. As an international student, you can get statutory health insurance if you’ve reached the age of 30 or if you’re starting your 14th quarter.

To apply to universities in Germany, you’ll have to provide proof of current health insurance in Germany or any international health insurance that is accepted in the country.

How to apply for health plan

There are approximately 113 public health insurance companies in Germany (known as Krankenkassen). You’re free to choose whichever one that suits you. All you need to do is call the company of your choice and make sure you meet the set requirements. Rest assured, you’ll usually be guided through the whole process.

Can you live without health insurance?

You can apply to a university without health insurance. However, the minute you land in Germany, you will have to sign up for an insurance plan within 30 days of registering your address.

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